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Cat Dream Meaning: An In-depth Analysis

September 23, 2023


One common dream symbol that has intrigued many is the cat. The cat, with its mysterious and often unpredictable nature, has been a symbol of various emotions, characteristics, and events in dream interpretation. Let's delve deeper into the multifaceted meanings of cats in dreams.

Psychological Interpretations

The Dual Nature of Cats

Cats are often seen as symbols of wisdom, intelligence, and luck. They are believed by some to hold the secrets of life, death, and rebirth. Just as in mythology, cats in dreams are associated with fertility and the prospect of a fresh start. Depending on one's relationship with cats, the dream's meaning can vary. For instance, if one fears cats, a cat in a dream might symbolize fears related to certain personality aspects. Conversely, for a cat lover, the dream cat might reflect personal strengths.

The Feminine Aspect

Cats are also seen as representing the feminine side of human nature. They are independent, seeking human companionship but not submission. This duality can point to individuality and even egocentrism in dreams. Their playful nature might relate to the dreamer's sexuality, suggesting a more tender rather than passionate understanding of it. It might also symbolize a more primal, playful stage of one's sexual nature.

Warning Signs

Cats in dreams can also serve as warnings. They might caution against deceit and falsehood or urge one to trust their intuition more. The cat's elusive nature, which seeks to achieve its goals (often of a sexual nature) subtly but then firmly holds on, can also be a significant aspect of its dream symbolism.

Cultural Interpretations

Arabian Perspectives

In general, the cat in arabian dreams represents a thief.

If someone dreams they:

  • Fight or kill a cat: They will catch and neutralize a thief. If the cat is known, so will be the thief.
  • Consume or discover cat meat: They’ll acquire stolen goods equivalent to the amount of cat meat.
  • Find or take a cat’s fur: They’ll strip the thief of all possessions.
  • Get injured by a cat’s claws: They’ll experience severe illness and distress.
  • Get bitten by a cat: They’ll be bedridden for a long time and lose their strength.
  • Seeing or hearing: Deception and treachery will cause annoyance.
  • Seeing many: Someone dearly loved might deceive you.
  • Seeing wild ones: Expect quarrels and disputes in the neighborhood.
  • Hitting or killing: You’ll defend yourself against all adversities.
  • Observing one sleeping: Don’t trust sly individuals.
  • Black cat: Malice from an enemy and prolonged misfortune.
  • White, enchanting cat: Beware of flatterers.
  • Being bitten or scratched: Be cautious of evil people.
  • Hearing a cat: Prepare for disputes with deceitful individuals.
  • Defending against a cat’s attack: Avoid being deceived by sly rogues.
  • Feeding a cat: You’ll likely face ingratitude.
  • Petting a cat: Be discreet with your secrets.

European Interpretation

The female substitute symbol in men’s dreams

General Meaning:

  • Foretells trouble in love.
  • Servants and housemates may prove deceitful.
  • Indicates deception.

Seeing a cat but being unable to chase or kill it:

  • Overall, a bad sign.
  • Primarily indicates deceit by friends or disappointments in love.

Observing wild cats:

  • Foretells disputes with neighbors.

Being attacked by a cat:

  • You will face adversaries that won’t hesitate to tarnish your name and rob you of your wealth.

Bitten or scratched by a cat:

  • Indicates harm from false friends.
  • For singles, this symbolizes an unstable lover.
  • Indicates dangerous enemies.

Successfully chasing a cat away:

  • Mastery over even the most challenging problems.
  • Achievement of status and wealth.

Encountering a gaunt, sly-looking cat:

  • Expect bad news.
  • A friend might be critically ill, but if the cat is chased away, they may recover.

Petting a cat:

  • You are kind to a deserving person.

A cat snuggling up to you:

  • Being deceived by flattery for exploitation.

Seeing a cat with its kittens:

  • Indicates undesirable offspring.
  • Foresees troubles from poorly-raised children.

Clean white cat:

  • Symbolizes complications that seem harmless at first but lead to financial loss and sorrow.

Seeing a white cat:

  • Signifies budding tender love.

Black cat:

  • Represents misfortune, danger, and warning of threats.

Spotted cat:

  • Indicates passionate feelings.

Feeding or pampering a cat:

  • You will be repaid with ingratitude.

Eating a cat:

  • Symbolizes adultery.

Surrounded by many cats:

  • Surrounded by unfaithful servants or friends.
  • Deception from a loved one.

Hearing a cat meow or cry:

  • Unpleasant occurrences and gossip.
  • A friend might be scheming behind your back.

Hitting a cat:

  • A rogue will be neutralized.

Seeing a cat and snake peacefully together:

  • Indicates upcoming trouble.
  • Plans might be afoot to probe a friend for secrets.

Killing a cat:

  • Mastery over enemies.

Businessman dreaming of a cat:

  • Must focus on his business due to fierce competition which might force him to undersell and resort to worse means if necessary.

A young woman dreaming of holding a cat or kitten:

  • Risk of being led astray into inappropriate behavior.

Persian View

The animal, when appearing in dreams, represents:

  • Jealousy
  • Envy
  • Ingratitude
  • Treachery


Seeing this animal in a dream: Indicates exposure to the negative traits listed above.

Driving away or killing the cat: Symbolizes escaping misfortune rightfully.


Dreaming of cats can have a myriad of interpretations, each as unique as the dreamer. While these interpretations provide a general overview, it's essential to consider personal experiences, feelings, and cultural backgrounds when trying to understand a dream's meaning.

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