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Lion and Lioness Dream Meaning: A Detailed Interpretation

October 2, 2023


Dreams often serve as mirrors, reflecting the intricacies of our subconscious mind. Among the vast tapestry of symbols and creatures that may appear in our nocturnal visions, the lion and lioness stand out as powerful representatives of our innermost feelings and aspirations.

These regal animals, rulers of the animal kingdom, have been revered and feared throughout history for their might and majesty. But what does it mean to encounter them in our dreams?

The lion, a symbol of raw strength, courage, and leadership, often comes forth in times of challenge or when we're on the verge of a significant decision. In contrast, the lioness, embodying nurturing instincts, grace, and inner strength, might appear when we need a reminder of our intrinsic qualities and the power of collaboration.

Together, they epitomize a balance between masculine and feminine energies and suggest a phase of harmony, growth, or potential conflicts in our life. Dive deeper into the realm of dreams to decode the profound symbolism of the lion and lioness and understand what they reveal about your personal journey.

General Meaning

A lion in a dream symbolizes both cruelty and strength. The lion is generally interpreted as an expression of high energy, vigor, and aggressiveness, originating from the world of instincts. Depending on the accompanying circumstances, the following meanings are primarily possible:

  • Chasing a lion warns of the risks of an undertaking; if you kill the animal, you will be successful, but if you fall victim to it, a matter will turn out unfavorably.
  • Catching a lion can indicate that you will turn an opponent into a friend.
  • Taming a lion cautions not to trust others too much.
  • Hearing a lion roar prompts you to defend yourself against intrusive people.
  • A lion with its young generally warns of impending misfortune.

Psychological Interpretations

The lion is a dream image with several different meanings. In fairy tales or as a heraldic symbol, it represents the king of animals and thus signifies dominion, dignity, strength, pride, courage, and physical power.

In ancient dream interpretations, it is equated with the primeval force of the sun. It represents unrestrained soul energy, a symbol of passion and strength that sometimes frightens us in dreams; in other words: In waking life, we may be overwhelmed by our passions and potentially suffer as a result. However, the lion in a dream can also express creativity and intellectual strength.

These are qualities that the dreamer must develop if they want to continue progressing on their path. People who dream of the lion as the sublime mythological desert king are not easily deceived; they walk straight through life without looking left or right. They achieve a lot, but they are often great misanthropes, making them challenging to live with.

They are personalities who master their instincts. However, in certain cases, the lion also symbolizes unrestraint and aggression. When the lion prepares to pounce on the dreamer, they are threatened by such a confident personality.


On the spiritual level, the lion in a dream symbolizes the fire of life energy that must be tamed.


The lion represents a person with proud, freedom-loving, daredevil, and fear-inducing characteristics. If one sees a tamed lion wagging its tail and approaching without ill intent, this is a good sign and brings advantages: to a soldier from the emperor (the emperor is the lion), to an athlete due to his good physical condition, to a common man from the authorities, and to a slave from his master. This is because, due to its power and strength, the animal resembles such individuals.

A threatening or angry lion induces fear and predicts illness (as the illness also resembles a wild animal) and threats from men, symbolized by the lion, or dangers of fire. (The basis for this interpretation is the identification of the lion with fire, known from the Mithras cult.)

The sight of young lions is universally a good omen, usually announcing the birth of a boy.

The lioness signifies the same as the lion, but to a lesser extent. While wagging her tail, she predicts benefits; when threatening and biting, harm, but not from men, but from women. Often, I have observed that she signifies wealthy men who are notorious for unnatural sensuality.

Cultural Interpretations


  • The lion signifies the person of the Emperor.
  • If the Emperor or a mighty lord dreams that he’s fighting or battling with a lion, he will wage war with a prince who is his enemy or another ruler. The one who triumphs in the dream will also be victorious in reality. For an ordinary man having this dream, it means he will either seek the life of the Emperor or wrestle with Charon (the ferryman of the dead).
  • If one rides a lion that obediently follows him, he will become an Emperor if he is fit for it; otherwise, he will achieve great power and humble a significant adversary.
  • After this vision, the Emperor will subdue another ruler.
  • If someone sees a lion but doesn’t fight it, being only filled with fear and terror, he will tremble before the ruler of the land. If the dreamer is an official of the Emperor, danger from the Emperor threatens him, but things will end well because the lion did not harm him.
  • If the Emperor dreams that a lion flees swiftly from his presence, another ruler will retreat and submit to him just by hearing his name. An ordinary man will be freed from great fear and danger and will find joy in the world again.
  • Eating lion meat implies that one will gain wealth and power from the Emperor and overthrow his enemy.
  • If someone drinks lion milk, they will obtain substantial funds from the Emperor that inspire fear and will be joyful.
  • If the Emperor feels he’s eating a part of a lion, he will gain a portion of a foreign kingdom. An ordinary man will receive money and generous gifts from the imperial side and rule over his enemies.
  • If someone finds lion excrement and picks it up, they will come to wealth, although lesser than the previously mentioned.
  • If the Emperor or a great one finds a lion’s liver or brain, he will acquire treasures of other rulers. An ordinary man will become wealthy and gain access to the Emperor.
  • If the Emperor or a powerful lord finds a lion’s skin, he will seize all possessions and gold of an enemy ruler. If an ordinary man has this dream, which otherwise only the powerful dream, he will become influential and soon become wealthy.
  • If a captured lion is brought to the Emperor, he will capture a powerful enemy. If a lioness is brought, he will capture the wife of a powerful enemy.
  • If it seems to him that he receives a tamed lioness along with her young, it indicates the Empress and her children. If the young lions are raised in his palace, it refers to his sons who will be his pride and successors.
  • If the Emperor kills a powerful lion during hunting, he will destroy a prince who is his enemy in war with the help of his subjects.
  • If he speaks with heartfelt love to a lion, he will make peace in a miraculous way with another ruler, just as it is a great wonder for someone to speak with a lion.
  • Seeing a lion: It is the reflection of a person seen as a friend, but from whom danger threatens.
  • Seeing in captivity: You will triumph over your enemies.
  • In a cage: Control your passions.
  • Killing: One of your most dangerous enemies will die.
  • Taming: Learn to control your passions.
  • Tame: You will find friendship. Also, you have made an enemy into a friend.
  • Fighting with it: You will succumb to your enemies.
  • Being chased by it: You will stand utterly forsaken in the world.
  • Hearing it roar: You will face danger; dangerous enemies threaten you.
  • With a captured animal: Soon you can get rid of annoying opponents.
  • Eating: The danger has been averted, but continue to be on your guard.


  • With the lion, there is a connection to high social esteem in the near future, but also envy from those close to you. You should be wise and watch your words and actions. Entrusting something to the wrong person could cost you some success.


  • Symbol for great and fiery combat power; inner instincts break through too strongly; being driven by a strong force.
  • See: means gaining power and influence by which one can overcome enemies; opposition from a person in an advantageous position.
  • See one in the wild: you will have a powerful opponent.
  • Lock up: sorrow and hardship.
  • See a captured one: you will find protection from a powerful enemy.
  • In a cage: you will defeat your enemies; success will largely depend on how you deal with your opponents.
  • Tame one: successes in every respect.
  • See a lion tamer: business success beckons, and intellectual potential increases; women will swarm around you.
  • Defend the children against a lion with a pocket knife: adversaries are lurking and will successfully strike if you let sophisticated distractions divert you from your duties.
  • A man hearing one roar: expects a sudden promotion and the favor of women.
  • Being threateningly growled at by one showing its teeth: the rise to power is threatened.
  • Being chased by one: someone dear to you will leave you; loss of wealth.
  • Being attacked by one: warning of impending danger.
  • Fear one: a danger you will overcome.
  • Go on a lion hunt: you will embark on a risky venture.
  • Defeat one: complete success in everything; neutralize or overcome an enemy.
  • Kill one: power and prestige.
  • Being overwhelmed by one: you could easily become the target of attacks.
  • See a dead one: the hostility of an opponent loses influence.
  • A lion’s skin: promises wealth and happiness.
  • Find its skin: prosperity and wealth.
  • Have a young one as a companion: achieve great influence and be feared by others.
  • Ride one: prove courage and perseverance and will easily master all difficulties.
  • See a lioness: happiness in the domestic circle.
  • See a lioness with cubs: favorable time to reconcile with an opponent.
  • Lion babies: stand for new ventures that will run successfully with appropriate attention.
  • If a young woman dreams of young lions, new, fascinating lovers are coming her way.
  • If a woman dreams of Daniel in the lion’s den, she will attain wealth through charm and intelligence and conquer the man of her dreams.


  • Tame: it will happen to you as it does to all those who don’t want to listen.
  • Roaring: you should repel intrusive people.
  • Being chased by one: pay attention to your reputation.
  • Kill: your behavior towards others will be highly praised.
  • With cubs: be careful that no harm comes to you.
  • Shoot: do not destroy your happiness.
  • Being attacked by one: the nobility of your opponent will contribute to reconciliation.
  • Chasing another animal: you would like to help, but you can’t.
  • With a female: you can’t complain.
  • Angry: despite everything, you are still lucky.
  • Biting: help arrives at the last moment.
  • In the desert: you will receive a favorable answer to your inquiry from far away.
  • Lame: be careful, one should pay attention to age.


The lion, throughout various dream interpretations, symbolizes both power and danger. It can represent authority, influence, courage, and the unconscious aspects of the psyche. Whether viewed as a pursuer or protector, its presence in a dream should be heeded as an important message about one's personal circumstances or inner state. The lion's actions, whether tame or aggressive, provide insight into how one might be feeling or how they perceive challenges in their life. The recurring motif seems to be the balance of strength and restraint, urging the dreamer to navigate their life with both courage and caution.

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