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The Dream Meaning of a Bear

December 8, 2023

Association: – Possessive love. Question: – To what extent is love threatening to me?

Medicine wheel

Wolf clan teachings: The West,- Strength,- Love (especially the Black Bear)


In European culture, the bear is usually associated with the feminine forces of nature. Its brown color indicates close contact with the earth mother. Among the Germanic tribes, for example, the bear was also the queen of the forests. A good-natured, peaceful, grumpy, sluggish bear indicates maternal safety and security, or the desire for it. The fear of threatening bears usually refers to oppressive, burdensome female or maternal possessiveness. An older, dominating sister or other woman can also have this function. This meaning need not only apply to children, as the mother-child relationship can also have a strong influence on the lives of adults. If the bear is dead, it represents the dreamer dealing with his deeper negative instincts. If the dream is about a teddy bear, then it manifests a child’s need for security.According to Carl Gustav Jung, there is also the negative aspect of the superior personality, which is characterized by the proverbial bear force. The dream bear also has something dangerous and threatening about it. The bear in fairy tales is often an enchanted prince waiting for redemption. If the dreamer accepts the dark, feminine side of sexuality, the part that frightens him, he can achieve a more satisfying sex life. This is why bear dreams are more important for men than for women. For women, such a dream often provides a hint to fully explore their sexuality so that it is not determined by others. The bear symbol is therefore also an archetype. The bear also stands for the desire to encounter the power of one’s own creativity. In dreams, it often stands for impetuous, rough power that should be used more carefully so as not to overshoot the mark. On the positive side, however, it represents the energy and assertiveness with which you will also overcome difficult situations.


On this level, the bear symbolizes spiritual strength and power.


The bear signifies a woman (the authors of Metamorphoses report that the Arcadian Callisto (nymph) was transformed into this animal by Hera after being seduced by Zeus in the form of Artemis) and, because of its ferocity, illness, as well as movement and travel, because it bears the same name as the ever-moving constellation. On the other hand, it prophesies a stay in one and the same place – because the constellation always moves in one and the same place and never sets.

Cultural Interpretation


  • Seeing a bear: signifies a wealthy, powerful, but foolish and audacious enemy.
  • If someone kills a bear in a dream, they will overcome such an enemy and inherit their wealth.
  • Riding on a bear prophesies limited power.
  • If someone slays a bear with a sword, they will rejoice over the downfall of their adversary.
  • Eating bear meat means gaining wealth from a uncouth but rich enemy, equivalent to the amount of bear meat consumed.
  • If someone acquires a bear’s skin, they will take possession of the entire wealth of that enemy.
  • Drinking bear milk indicates fear of authority and a long illness.
  • If someone picks up a bear’s head or is given one, they will receive the entire capital of a uncouth enemy.
  • Seeing a bear: luck in gambling, also a symbol of deception and a gruff character, experiencing much injustice.
  • Seeing a bear standing: Danger lies ahead, but since you recognize it in time, you will not be harmed.
  • Seeing a bear dancing: You have overcome difficulties, everything is going according to your wishes.
  • Seeing a bear lying (alive): You know that difficult tasks still await you; do not avoid them, or you may be unable to handle them one day.
  • Killing a bear: You will know how to combat your adversary.
  • Seeing a bear lying dead: You have endured much, and now it is behind you; almost regretting not having to face any more challenges.
  • Black bear: Misfortune.
  • White bear: Honorable recognition.


  • Seeing: Profit in gambling or facing fierce competition, uncertainty in interpersonal relationships, sometimes gossip.
  • Being attacked by a bear: You will suffer great harm.
  • Seeing dancing: You will satisfy your creditors, but there may be gossip and annoyance.
  • Bear hunting: Do not put yourself in danger!
  • Seeing a dead bear or a bear’s fur: Luck, although not without obstacles. All uncertainties from recent times will clear up.
  • Seeing several bears: Events are looming that will require all your strength.
  • Killing or chasing one: You can expect success.
  • If a bear appears in a young woman’s dream, she must anticipate a dangerous rival or another mishap.
  • Eating bear meat: A wedding in the family.


  • You can succeed in the game, but don’t overdo it.

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