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The Dream Meaning of a Crocodile

December 1, 2023

Psychological Interpretation

A dream about a crocodile or another reptile indicates that the dreamer is dealing with the frightening, lower aspects (especially emotions and instincts) of their nature. Perhaps they believe they have no control over these aspects and fear being consumed by them. It is a negative symbol of our inner energy that appears in dreamers who have not found the right attitude towards life.

It also symbolizes the mercilessness that exists in the world or evil neighbors who can make life difficult. The dreamer may be consumed by their fear of death or dying. If the crocodile in the dream is chased away, successfully fought, or destroyed, the dreamer will have the strength to overcome and practice discipline. However, if the animal gains the upper hand, then they are not sufficiently in control and should strive not to be merely guided by their instincts. Being bitten by a crocodile indicates danger.


On a spiritual level, a crocodile in a dream symbolizes liberation from the limitations of the world. It is also a symbol of gluttony and hypocrisy, one of the monsters of the initial chaos.


The crocodile denotes a pirate, a murderer or a no less cunning fellow (Aelian (around 200 AD) describes (De natura animalium 5,23) the tactics of crocodiles - they lie in wait in the reeds for those who draw water from the Nile and seize their victim at the right moment). Just as the crocodile executes the dreamer, so the person designated by the crocodile will execute him.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: being threatened by danger or enemies from an ambush.
  • Crocodile tears: you want to help a petitioner, make sure they are telling the truth.


  • Great danger from overpowering enemies, from whom one can only escape through cleverness. Also, a warning of impending difficulties pointing to an enemy. One should be cautious with new business connections; being betrayed by the closest friends.
  • Seeing: someone else has an urgent need to get to know you. Also, you should be on guard in your surroundings; some evil contemporaries are up to no good.
  • Seeing many: there will be a surprise.
  • Being bitten by one: a dangerous situation is approaching you.
  • Stepping on the back of one: you could get into trouble that requires a lot of effort to avert. You should trust no one.
  • Killing: you will have to fight a strong enemy.


  • Seeing: you must beware of evil people who will do everything in their power to harm you.

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