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The Dream Meaning of a Flood

December 11, 2023


Dreams of floods, because they frighten the dreamer, often refer to the release of positive energy. It is usually an excess of repressed or unconscious feelings that need to be cleared out of the way before the dreamer can make any real progress. If he is in the middle of a flood, this indicates that he feels overwhelmed by these emotions. If, on the other hand, he observes the flood waters spreading, this symbolizes self-absorption. A dream of a flood can often also indicate depression. According to ancient Indian dream interpretation, flooding is a warning of financial difficulties. In terms of depth psychology, it is interpreted as conscious content that suddenly floods the consciousness – if the water looks cloudy, this can be dangerous.


The dream image of flooding can indicate that the dreamer is flooded by his feelings and impressions. However, this dream symbol can also be a very strong warning signal, namely when the unconscious threatens to flood the conscious mind – then the psyche may be in serious danger. This can be the beginning of a psychosis. So if a dream is about a flood, it should definitely be taken seriously. If the dreamer usually finds it difficult to express himself in words, a dream about a flood can give him the opportunity to deal with his fears and worries in an appropriate way.


One cycle is over, a new one begins. Old grief and emotional confusion are washed away.
The mind becomes clearer and the path forward is cleared.

Cultural Interpretation


  • Seeing: Indicates an unforeseen separation; feeling overwhelmed by problems, distress. Also suggests dealing with many intrusive people who pester with various requests and wishes.
  • Experiencing: You will be asked for help and support by several people.
  • Going under: Serious preparation is needed to overcome potential difficulties that may arise in the future.
  • Running away from the water: Escaping from oneself.


  • Certain feelings and impulses become excessive and potentially dangerous, indicating events that may significantly affect you, especially in the business realm. Unfavorable for love affairs, implying various losses; it’s advised to avoid conflicts.
  • Seeing or experiencing: Foretells an intrusive visit or interaction with a pushy person.
  • If cities or regions are flooded with dark, rushing water: Signifies great misfortune and death through a terrible catastrophe.
  • If people are carried away by the flood: Indicates sorrow and despair, making life seem meaningless.
  • A large area flooded with clear water: Predicts gain and carefree times after seemingly hopeless struggles with destiny.
  • Seeing water flowing into a room: Clear water signifies a noble visit or special gain, while murky water suggests trouble and strife.
  • Running away from it: Indicates trying to escape from oneself.


  • Seeing: Your creditors are pressuring you, or you may also be getting into discord with your relatives.

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