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The Dream Meaning of a Mouse / Mice

December 11, 2023

Medicine wheel

Keywords: limited,- small,- foraging,- innocence,- trust,- everyday wonder,- inner strength,- exploratory,- dividing,- introspection,- western soul path. Description: The mouse, which is associated with the middle position of the western soul path and introspection in the medicine wheel, is small and stays in a relatively small territory. It cannot see very far, only what is directly in front of its eyes. Mice, which belong to the large order of rodents, are found all over the world. Most of them are considered pests by humans. This is because the mouse searches everywhere for food and eats everything it can find: Food, crops, clothes, books. But they also provide a service to the web of life by eating insects and weed seeds. General meaning: To see what is right in front of your eyes,- to recognize the truth in a simpler way,- to look inside yourself. Association: Mice – money,- gray mouse – shy and outwardly unprepossessing,- Mausi – pet name for a woman. Transcendental meaning: The mouse is a teacher who can show you both your strengths and your weaknesses, and teaches you to recognize what is close at hand before you worry about what is further away.


The small, gray rodent is considered a symbol of the ‘power of the inconspicuous’ and the typical characteristics that are generally attributed to mice: curiosity, cunning, dexterity and great fertility. It also has a sweet tooth and can be ‘bribed with delicacies’. Mice often have a sexual meaning or can indicate fears that originate in the unconscious. It can also draw attention to events that should not be underestimated. The whistling mouse warns of losses and financial risks. If you catch the animal, it announces that you will soon overcome trouble. In the traditional interpretation, black mice in particular were regarded as omens of death. (Because rats and mice were said to bring ‘death into the house’ – also to be understood in relation to the plague epidemics).

Cultural Interpretations


  • Gray: surrounded by annoying enemies, anticipate difficulties, annoyances, and troubles, whether in professional or private life.
  • White: a bad omen, indicating a problem that will occupy your thoughts for a long time; also associated with luck in gambling.
  • Mouse hole: unnecessary shame.
  • Whistling: a warning of thieves.
  • Captured: significant distress in matters of the heart.
  • Catching: others will treat you cruelly.
  • Caught in a trap: beware of deceit from others.
  • Running away: a crucial undertaking will not succeed.
  • Killing: exploiting the misfortune of others for personal gain.


  • Understood in a sexual and erotic context – often a warning dream of excessive consumption and depletion of life forces.
  • In freedom: quarrels and disputes, annoyance, and trouble; also indicates domestic difficulties and dishonest behavior from friends, with business plans not going as expected.
  • Hearing a whistle: a warning of danger.
  • Escaping: questionable conflicts lie ahead.
  • Capturing: one will find luck in misfortune.
  • In a trap: successful business dealings, resolving a bothersome matter.
  • Seeing white mice: unnecessary concerns about something.
  • Killing: overcoming one’s enemies.
  • If a woman dreams of a mouse, a cunning and treacherous enemy threatens her.
  • If a woman sees a mouse in her clothes, she could become involved in a malicious scandal.


  • White: Your married life will be good, and your prosperity will increase through collaboration – a good marriage.
  • Hearing whistling: Be cautious about your property; someone intends to steal from you.
  • Catching: Your plans are good.
  • In a trap: Triumph over your enemies.
  • Seeing many: Famine, difficult times.
  • Seeing: Loss and conflict in the family.

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