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The Dream Meaning of a Shot

December 21, 2023


If the dreamer is shot in his dream, this is an indication of hurt feelings. In a woman’s dream, this dream symbol may also stand for the sexual act. In addition, the dream symbol may indicate that the dreamer fears becoming the victim or target of other people’s anger.


Symbolizes upcoming decisions that need to be made quickly. Sometimes, however, the shot can backfire, revealing our lack of energy to bring order to a particular matter. If we hear individual shots, this may herald a revolutionary event – if there is an outright gunfight, we will find ourselves in a tricky situation. If the dreamer shoots in his dream, he may have to learn to cope with his fears. This could be a preventative measure by which the dreamer avoids encountering the parts of his personality that he rejects. If he is on a shooting range, this suggests that he has lacked accuracy in his previous life.


If the dreamer notices a gunshot or shooting in his dream, from a spiritual point of view this means that he is aware of the need for directed strong energy.

Cultural Interpretations


  • hear: be surprised about something – also: be asked for help by a friend,
  • shoot oneself: feel inadequately noticed by others and want to attract attention by any means necessary,
  • be shot or shot: deeply hurt feelings due to a suffered disappointment.


  • hear: one will have a sad experience,
  • try to kill a living being oneself: is a bad omen,
  • shoot and miss the living being: one will overcome difficulties,
  • be shot and die: one will face unexpected challenges due to misunderstandings with friends,
  • escape death through awakening: one will later reconcile completely with friends,
  • be shot by a priest: a friend with a differing opinion will upset you.


  • hear: you will fall in love.

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