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The Dream Meaning of a Twilight

December 30, 2023


It is the sign that the sun is setting and night is approaching. The time to realize a plan is over, perhaps the unconscious believes it has to write off a hope. Check carefully whether you are really still wholeheartedly committed to a project. Go more inward now, look for more peace and relaxation to regenerate flagging energies. If the weather is fine, it is also in the dream ‘good weather bot’, i.e. wish fulfillment, happiness in love, possibly also financial betterment and thus almost always indicates pleasant events that appeal to the mind.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Receiving a message of misfortune: Restores inner peace; for the sick, it indicates the onset of recovery.
  • Gloomy: Mental burdens weigh heavily.
  • Seeing a cloudy sky: Your happiness will be overshadowed by sorrow.
  • Seeing a clear, cloudless sky: Happy and healthy days lie ahead.
  • Golden glow of the evening sky: Relief from financial worries or pleasant occurrences in the near future.


  • Could be interpreted as a sign of an impending darker phase of life.
  • In a cloudy sky: Grief, trouble, or inconvenience is on the horizon.
  • Cloudless sky, as the conclusion of a comforting dream: Indicates inner peace, tranquility, heartsease, or the onset of recovery.

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