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The Dream Meaning of a Wedding

December 10, 2023


End and beginning at the same time: the change from one phase of life to another. The wedding is also regarded as an archetype of union and refers to two parts of the dreamer’s personality that need to be united in order for a better whole to emerge. A ‘marriage’ between mind and emotion or between the practical and intuitive side could be examples of this. Attending a wedding party in a dream can mean that the dreamer knows of a real relationship that is at this stage of development. If the dreamer is wearing the wedding dress in his dream, this shows that he is trying to sort out his feelings and hopes with regard to relationships. If another dream figure is wearing the wedding dress and the dreamer himself is only a guest, then this suggests feelings of inferiority in the dreamer (‘Always only a bridesmaid, never the bride’) or it promises a change in the interpersonal sphere. If we celebrate our own wedding in a dream, even though we have been married for a long time, our previous lifestyle will probably change, but this does not necessarily have to do with the dissolution of a current relationship.This can be the repetition of a joyful event or a reassessment of the marriage due to current difficulties. If the dreamer is single, the dream may be a form of wish fulfillment, point to the consolidation and long duration of a new love relationship and also give clues as to what kind of partner he is looking for. For example, if he marries a childhood friend in the dream, it is obvious that he is looking for a person who has the same qualities as this childhood friend. Perhaps the dreamer wishes to marry a famous person – here too it is about the qualities of this person and not about the person himself. The dream can advise you not to search so hard for the perfect partner. You may find what you are looking for when you least expect it. Wedding dreams can also reflect the fear of getting too deeply involved in a relationship.Feeling good in a dream may indicate confidence that a relationship will last. Dissatisfaction could reveal the fear that a current relationship will not last. If the dreamer experiences a ‘dream wedding’ in her dream, this is usually a wishful dream. It does not matter who got married or whether the dreamer is already married. The dream is based on the wish to experience the tingling feeling of a bride. If the dreamer has to undergo a sacrificial ritual in the dream or if a sacrifice is made in general, this means that in reality he has to give up much of his independence and his habits. However, the type of sacrifice in the dream almost never has a real connection, it usually only embodies the dreamer’s fears. The dreamer should also consider whether the wedding had anything to do with a particular culture or religion and what consequences this might have for his life.


On the spiritual level, the wedding in the dream is an indication of the need for an integration process. First the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must unite and then the material and spiritual sides must come into harmony.


Death announces marriage to an unmarried person and robs a slave of the position of trust he holds,- for both marriage and death are regarded by people as the goal and completion, and one is always indicated by the other. That is why marrying the sick prophesies death – because both the bride and the deceased are given the same things, e.g. the company of friends, men and women, wreaths, fragrant essences, ointments and a written record of their assets. It is a good omen for someone who intends to start a new business – it indicates the success of his venture – and for a man who hopes to make a profit from any source – in either case, the one who marries takes over,a fortune that brings the bride into the marriage. To all others it indicates excitement and bad gossip, for no wedding is complete without confusion. If a man marries a woman who is no longer a virgin, he will not engage in new, but rather old, endeavors, but he will not fare badly. If a man thinks his wife is marrying someone else, it indicates a change of career or divorce. If a married woman dreams that she is marrying another man, she will, as the ancients say, bury her husband or separate from him in some other way. In my experience, this is not always the case, but only if the woman is not pregnant or childless or has nothing to dispose of. If this is not the case and she has a daughter, she will give her to a man as a wife; if she is pregnant, she will give birth to a girl, bring her up and give her to a man. In this way she will not marry herself, but she will marry a piece of her own flesh and blood. A woman who has something to sell, on the other hand, will enter into a contract of sale with someone, as is customary in marriage.Many exits are fulfilled by people who are similar to us, blood relatives and namesakes. For example, a married woman dreamed that she married another man. Now her husband was not ill, so that after his death she could have married another, nor did she have anything to sell, so that she could make a contract as she would have done for a marriage, nor did she have a marriageable daughter, whom she could have given to a man as a wife, so that in this way she could not marry herself, nor was she herself ill, so that she would have had to die, since marriage and death have the same meaning, because the external circumstances are similar in both cases, but she had a sister of the same name who was ill and died. Thus what would have happened to her if she had been ill was fulfilled in her sister of the same name.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If someone dreams of inviting numerous guests to their wedding, it signifies that many followers will support and be promoted by them. If various entertainments and harps are present, the dreamer will receive messages that burden them. Anointing guests with different oils indicates building a good reputation based on the pleasant fragrance. Using pleasant scents on friends suggests making and enforcing unfavorable decisions. Mixing many sweet, fragrant wines in a dream symbolizes sharing one’s abundance with guests. Sleeping with the woman celebrating the wedding fulfills desires, while lying beside her without touching predicts business challenges and inactivity.
  • Seeing someone else getting married: despite efforts, you’ll succumb to jealousy.
  • Seeing one’s own wedding for singles: entering a marriage.
  • Seeing one’s own wedding for married individuals: preparing for offspring.
  • Participating in a wedding: a positive omen for good news.
  • Observing a wedding procession with music: stop being dissatisfied with life and think positively.
  • Hosting a wedding for singles: experiencing true love.
  • Hosting a wedding for married individuals: encountering trouble, dissatisfaction, mishaps, and gloomy experiences in marriage.
  • Interrupting a wedding: discovering infidelity.
  • Wedding Invitations: Someone is waiting for your proposal.


  • Daydream related to sexual complexes (especially in women and young people).
  • Attending a wedding: signifies great joy, and good news is expected. Singles may enter into a commitment, while married couples should prepare for offspring.
  • Participating in one: suggests experiencing a forthcoming event causing distress, delaying success.
  • Hosting a wedding: indicates the dissolution of a connection, inclination towards festivities.
  • Seeing a wedding: hearing about a funeral, arousing jealousy.
  • Getting married: escaping death is nearly a miracle; a joyous wedding without somber, black-clad clergy may indicate the opposite.
  • Wearing wedding dresses: signifies misunderstandings in marriage.
  • Going on a honeymoon: brings a big surprise.
  • Having wedding guests: indicates significant financial loss.
  • If a young woman believes her wedding is a secret, her reputation is at risk, possibly predicting her downfall.
  • Entering a marriage of convenience or a socially acceptable marriage elevates a woman’s standing in society, ensuring promised benefits.
  • If a woman thinks her parents disapprove of the marriage, her family will disapprove of her union.
  • If her lover marries someone else, it’s a sign of unfounded worry, as he remains faithful to his marriage commitment.
  • If a woman sees a guest in mourning attire at her wedding, it foretells unhappiness in her marriage. If she observes such a guest at another wedding, she will worry about the misfortune of a relative or friend, facing potential joylessness, illness, and unexpected setbacks instead of the anticipated happiness and good health. This dream suggests that her pleasures or those of others will be affected by unpleasant events or surprises.


  • If someone dreams of preparing a wedding feast, they will seek assistance from friends for the secrets of their power. Pouring wine for them, however, will bring harm. Bringing cymbals, harps, and dancers will lead to sorrow and distress. Setting up burning candles for the wedding feast will bring power, and they will share it with others. If sweet songs resonate in candlelight, the dreamer will live long and rejoice in their power corresponding to the melody of the song.
  • Participating: Singles will marry soon, and married individuals will find joy in their children.
  • Dancing at a wedding: beware of the opposite sex.
  • Celebrating oneself: happiness in marriage.
  • Participating with a foreign woman or man: one’s affairs will become confused.
  • In Indian dream interpretation ‘Jagaddeva’, it is translated as imminent death or at least great pain.

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