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The Dream Meaning of Addictions

December 27, 2023


If the dreamer sees himself as an addict in his dream, this indicates that he has the desire and need to experience obsessive (compulsive) behavior in himself and in other people. He is afraid that someone or something could control him. To be dependent on a person means to give up responsibility for oneself. To be dependent on a substance, such as tobacco or alcohol, in a dream indicates an inability to relate to the world properly.


The fear of addiction may indicate the influence that the dreamer’s passions could have on him. To belong to a group of addicts in a dream means that he does not understand his own behavior in a social context. The dreamer may be aware that he cannot survive in everyday life and will become a victim.


On the spiritual level, addiction in dreams is related to the pleasure-seeking, hedonistic aspect of the self.

Cultural Interpretations


  • A passion will harm you.

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