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The Dream Meaning of an Abyss

December 28, 2023


An abyss in a dream is a warning or danger signal. To dream of an abyss indicates that the dreamer recognizes in himself the so-called ‘bottomless pit’ or emptiness. This is an aspect of the unknown that everyone has to face at some point in their lives. Behind the image is a risky undertaking which the dreamer has to tackle without knowing what the outcome will be. It symbolizes critical situations or difficulties in life. However, you have to look at the context. The abyss also indicates that the dreamer is coming to terms with pairs of opposites such as right and wrong or good and evil. Positive is any form of coping by flying over, jumping over, climbing through etc. and indicates overcoming difficulties. It is negative to be helpless, dizzy, paralyzed, frightened in front of the abyss, whereby being afraid indicates helplessness, despondency and despair. Falling into the abyss stands for despondent failure, fear of life and capitulation to danger. The following symbols occur quite often with similar meanings:

  • The unconscious perceives a danger that is present for the one who is seen. (Aura of misfortune.)
  • If the path leads only to the edge of the abyss and then ends, this is a warning for the dreamer – they should turn back.
  • Standing very close to an abyss often warns of a ‘fall’ into sorrow, worries, and hardship if one continues with current intentions.
  • Looking into an abyss may mean looking into one’s own unconscious and perceiving things one would rather not have recognized. Perhaps looking into the abyss also announces impending dangers that may arise from one’s own behavior, actions, and desires. However, one should bravely face upcoming dangers because recognizing them in time allows one to avoid and overcome them.
  • Finding a bridge over the abyss: One can overcome difficulties that arise in waking life.
  • If, in a dream, one holds onto a railing and looks fearfully into an abyss (or a rushing stream, waterfall, etc.), it indicates living in a critical situation where one can barely hold on.
  • If the ground under the feet is slippery or the bridge has cracks, the problem is not yet solved, and the burden has not been endured. It is an invitation to look more closely in one’s own environment to identify who (or what) could cause one to fall.
  • If, however, one is standing on solid, dry ground, a crisis has just been overcome, but there is still a need for relaxation to process the accumulated stress. Relaxation is needed here!
  • It may also be that a rocky, steep, or arduous-looking path leads through the abyss. This is an indication that one should become aware of their situation and venture into their own depths. The dream points to a fear of losing control or identity or fear of failure in some way. Positively expressed: It is possible to surpass one’s own limits or current experiences.
  • Descending into the abyss: One should find the reason for an apparently hopeless situation to overcome it more easily, thus coming back up.
  • If one is sliding into the abyss, it is to be understood as an even more massive warning, perhaps indicating that one will no longer escape the difficulties. One is losing ground in some matter.
  • If one is falling into an abyss, it may announce an impending personal catastrophe that is unstoppable. Depending on personal circumstances, the fall may also signify falling into unexpected happiness, especially with a soft landing at the bottom. However, emotional distress may also be on the horizon, and sometimes the dream reflects a momentary situation from real life (such as falling out of bed, followed by immediate awakening).
  • It is favorable to interpret throwing stones or boulders into the abyss – this symbolizes liberation from worries and troubles that weighed heavily on the soul.
  • If one throws a person into the abyss, it is likely that they will soon detach from a interpersonal relationship that has become burdensome.
  • Turning away from it: Closing one’s eyes to facts.


The underworld and low things appear in dreams as an abyss.

Cultural Interpretations


  • General: Misfortune and sadness – the unconscious perceives a danger that is present for the one who is seen – aura of misfortune.
  • Standing in front of it: Do not willfully seek out dangers.
  • Seeing one from afar: A danger will pass by you.
  • Deeper and swampy: Misfortune will not be spared for you.
  • Falling into it: Warning! There is a risk of losing ground beneath your feet.
  • Falling into it and waking from the dream: Often just a shock that brings about a too rapid return to the resting body – sometimes followed by an entire story, played in reverse!


  • Seeing: The unconscious perceives a danger that is present for the one who is seen – aura of misfortune.
  • Standing close to the edge yourself: Fears, approaching a dangerous zone (time) in life.
  • Looking into an abyss: Sickness, impending disaster, accident, and also the failure of grand plans.
  • Staring into it: There is a threat of property confiscation, personal disputes, and accusations, making it difficult to deal with everyday problems.
  • Slowly sliding into it: Expect sorrow and troubles.
  • Falling into it: A significant inheritance, unexpected joyful news.
  • Seeing others in it: The situation of another person is likely to be catastrophic.


  • Fearing it: Be cautious about your health.
  • Falling into it: Success is assured for you.
  • Throwing someone into it: You will soon be relieved of a great burden.
  • If your friend falls into it: Soon you will hear something good from him.
  • Throwing a stone into it: Soon you will be relieved of a heavy worry.
  • Rescuing someone from it: Fate will come to your aid.

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