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The Dream Meaning of an Evening

December 21, 2023


The image of the evening usually appears at the beginning of a dream, either as a dream landscape or as a mood. It is an ambiguous dream symbol, the meaning of which can usually only be recognized from the accompanying circumstances. It means that you are approaching your subconscious in a dream. It can stand for twilight and the limits of the conscious mind. Perhaps there are phenomena in your surroundings that you are only able to see when you deal with your unconscious. Basically, evening has something to do with rest, recuperation, diminishing physical and mental strength (also known colloquially as the evening of life). This can indicate an increased need for relaxation and warn against chronic overwork. If, on the other hand, you relax in the evening, it is to be understood in the sense of the end of work – you have fulfilled your duties and tasks well and can/should now treat yourself to some rest. For older people it often means the end of life, for younger people it means that time is running out. In the dreamed evening hour, secret spiritual wishes are sometimes expressed. Your earlier worries come to a happy end.


The evening symbolizes age and many years of experience.

Cultural Interpretations


  • generally a symbol for age and experience.


  • in any context, a decline in mental and physical strength,
  • generally, a calm and beautiful one: worries will find a happy resolution – later life will be peaceful and serene,
  • broken into: signifies unfulfilled hopes and unfortunate speculations,
  • with shining stars: momentary sorrow, but a radiant future will follow.

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