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The Dream Meaning of Ants

December 11, 2023

Medicine wheel

Keywords: strength,- perseverance,- tenacity,- reliability,- constructive,- aggressive,- community-oriented,- adaptive,- strength,- western soul path. Description: In the medicine wheel, the ant is associated with the inner position of the western soul path and with strength. Although very small in size, it is capable of carrying a load four times its own weight. Ants form a society that ensures the survival of the species with its tightly bounded and defined social structure, but with little or no regard for the individual. Intentional meaning: Opportunities to use your strength for the benefit of your relatives in all areas of creation – adaptation and perseverance. Association: Diligence Transcendent meaning: Understanding of the collective unconscious, which enables the survival of the whole depending on the strength of the individual,- the ability to bring your knowledge beyond dreamtime into your everyday life.


Psychotherapeutically, frequent dreaming of ants often indicates disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, especially if a tingling sensation is felt in the dream, prompting a medical examination. Occasionally, such dreams may result from limbs falling asleep. The interpretation of ant dreams depends on whether the dream is perceived as pleasant or disturbing. Ants, like other insects, usually signal danger—mass appearances may trigger psychological alarms. Relaxation and calmness become crucial. Ant swarm dreams may also signal an impending psychosis, or simply suggest the dreamer should be more diligent, persistent, and active. Consider the following circumstances:
  • Seeing ants promises success and happiness, but only if one puts in the effort, just like the proverbially diligent insects.
  • Ants on one’s own body are also considered a favorable sign. Perhaps the unconscious is trying to remind us to focus on our own diligence. Maybe something is making us uneasy about realizing ambitious, executable plans.
  • Killing individual ants or destroying their nest may herald worries and financial difficulties, suggesting insufficient diligence in pursuing success.
  • The ant mound may be related to the workplace.


The sight of winged ants is not good at all – they prophesy death and dangerous journeys. The other species, on the other hand, bring blessings to farmers – they promise fertility, because where there are no seeds, there are no ants to be seen. They are of good omen for people who live from the great multitude and for the sick, but only if they do not crawl around the dreamer’s body. They are known as workers and work tirelessly, a quality that only belongs to the living. But if they crawl around the dreamer’s body, they prophesy death because they are children of the earth, cold and black. Ants that crawl into the ears bring only sophists (This word had no disparaging connotation in Artemidoro’s time. The sophists of this era were itinerant orators and teachers who mainly used rhetoric as a means of educating young people (paideia)). Happiness – the ants are like the young people who come to class. For all other people, the dream experience heralds death, for the ants are children of the earth and disappear into the earth.


In symbolic language, ants are a role model for cleverness and diligence.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Ants generally symbolize death. (12, 14)
  • If someone dreams of a large number of ants crawling out of a hole in their home, it is interpreted as an imminent death. If ants crawling on the street enter the dreamer’s house, it signifies illness for the dreamer but an increase in household members.
  • If someone sees ants leaving their house carrying food, it suggests freedom from illness, malicious household influences, and anything causing fear.
  • Seeing ants in the barn or shed prophesies distress and poverty.
  • Seeing ants: Attain prosperity through hard work. Be more diligent in life. You will receive a lot of work, but you will do it well and succeed.
  • Killing or chasing ants: Miss out on your luck.
  • Stepping on ants: Undermine your own happiness.
  • Having ants in your ears: A death in the family.
  • Being bitten by ants: Misfortune. Warns against false friends.


  • Not a very favorable image: Reconsideration of one’s social standing is necessary; otherwise, a deterioration may occur in the near future, leading to a situation that remains unchanged. The dreamer harbors fears that they would do well to acknowledge.
  • Dreaming of ants on clothing or food foretells challenging times ahead.
  • In general, the sign aims to remind the dreamer that they tend toward self-sufficiency, foregoing values and gains that could be achieved with some effort. (Man+Child)


  • Seeing one: One should be more diligent in life than before.
  • Seeing many: Involves much hard and persistent work, leading to great honors. Success in endeavors, relocating to a big city, and exercising patience and a clear vision bring significant advantages.
  • On one’s own body: Happiness and success in the near future.
  • Being bitten by one: Seize a professional opportunity.
  • Being bitten by many: Misfortune, losses, and hardships. Motivation for new professional development that brings progress.
  • Intentionally stepping on: You will overcome your enemies.


  • Seeing: Your life path can be successful if you show more courage and energy.
  • Killing: You are at fault for your own misfortune.
  • In the ear: Worry will haunt you.
  • Being bitten: Be mindful of your health.
  • Stepping on: Unpleasant days are ahead for you.
  • Lying on them: Don’t lose your grip and strive to improve your life; otherwise, you run the risk of living in poverty.
  • You otherwise risk living in poverty.

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