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The Dream Meaning of Bulls

December 22, 2023


A bull in a dream represents the male principle and fertility. It can also indicate the way in which the dreamer deals with male sexuality. Taurus symbolizes pronounced masculinity and sexual potency, in a broader sense energy, drive and assertiveness.


If a bull is of significance in a dream, it may indicate the dreamer’s stubbornness or tenacity. Its presence often alludes to unbridled instincts, symbolizing lust. In ancient Egypt and Crete, the bull was revered as a sacred symbol of the sun god, representing male strength and potency. Similarly, the buffalo in the USA carries comparable mythological significance, embodying concentrated male energy. However, when this energy manifests in sexuality, it must be tempered by reason. Bullfights, originating in Crete and persisting in Spain and Southern France, symbolize control over primal forces. The saying “take the bull by the horns” likely derives from these rituals, emphasizing the need to master one’s desires. Dreams featuring a bull may serve as a warning, signaling a potential threat to vitality or suggesting that suppressed impulses are pushing against acceptable limits. Fleeing from an enraged bull in a dream may mirror a fear of losing life force in waking life. Successfully subduing the bull in a dream signifies the dreamer’s ability to harness excess energy productively, establishing themselves in life, and, figuratively, “standing their ground.” In the dreams of women, psychoanalysts often interpret the bull as a sexual desire. However, considering the bull’s historical association with creative and divine power, its appearance in dreams may also signify the presence of ingenious forces.


On a spiritual level, there is a connection between Taurus and the moon. It is a fertility symbol and is considered a symbol of masculinity, strength and potency.


Working animals and beasts of burden that perform work but do not allow themselves to be harnessed, like bulls, resemble rebels and overbearing persons. A bull, especially a threatening or pursuing one, indicates a very serious danger and threat from powerful people if the dreamer is a poor person or slave. It prophesies storms for sailors and, if it takes someone by the horns, shipwreck, whereby the sail pole will be terribly mangled – it resembles the sail and the mast of the whole ship because of the skin and the horns. (Histokeraia = sail-bearing crossbar of the mast reveals the original meaning of the image by itself – the crossbar protruding to the right and left of the mast looks like the horns of a bull.

Cultural Interpretations


  • You are thinking about marriage – also a warning against recklessness –
  • Being chased by one: you are afraid of your own passions –
  • Seeing one: you will lose your position.


  • It is considered a sign of warning and an invitation to prepare for a tough competition in love as well as business matters. It also includes a reminder of the laws of life and calls on the dreamer to preserve their strength to be fit for life and ready for battle. It is important to continually adapt to the demands of life and the requirements of everyday life. (Man and women)


  • Strong archetypal symbol of masculinity and strength – a potency dream for men and often a wishful dream for women.
  • Seeing or buying one: promises a wealthy friend or patron or a material advantage – also a warning to avoid recklessness, as it may lead to serious problems.
  • Owning one: brings a rich household or a material benefit.
  • Killing, slaughtering, or selling one: signifies the loss of a wealthy friend or patron or material loss due to a great folly.
  • Being chased by one: indicates the loss of a loyal friend, business troubles loom, and envious competitors make life difficult with their intrigues – fear of one’s own passions should be controlled.
  • Fighting with one: warns against anger and urges for leniency.
  • If a young woman encounters a bull in a dream, she will receive a marriage proposal. However, it will be better for her future to reject it.


  • Seeing one: indicates minor unpleasant things in the family.
  • Being chased by one: suggests that strength and courage reside within you; apply both, and you will achieve a lot.
  • Seeing it being slaughtered: implies that you will have to be content with little.
  • With long horns: be cautious.
  • Grazing: you can confidently expect news.

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