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The Dream Meaning of Burning Something Down

December 19, 2023


It depends on what burns down in the dream. If it is a meadow or a stubble field, the ground is to be prepared for new seeds, translated: We can capitalize on something that has almost been abandoned. If you see bright smoke or bright flames, you can expect a favorable outcome in a matter or a joyful event. The burning down of a house or the roof truss is often used as a warning of worries and hardships, or if the roof truss of a house burns down, the dreamer’s head nerves or basic mental attitude are disturbed, or something has got out of order in the control center of the brain.


Fire and water always symbolize spiritual energy: fire purifies. Bright flames herald a new idea.

Cultural Interpretations


  • where much smoke is seen: inconveniences,
  • seeing bright flames: great joy, imminent success,
  • (white) smoke: good news,
  • roof beams above you: bad omen, indicating a dangerous development,
  • approaching a house with a burning roof: it is advisable to plan a retreat in a current matter – (sometimes also a signal for a sinus infection).

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