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The Dream Meaning of Carrion

December 18, 2023


Carrion is often equated with a corpse. If the symbol of the carrion appears in a dream, it means that a problem has to be solved – unpleasant decisions have to be made. It may be about a separation from things, an unsuccessful period of life that you have gone through, a plan or a task that you have completed or given up, a parting from people, or that a relationship has to be resolved. The attitude towards this symbol provides further information: the more disgusting the sight of the carcass, the more unpleasant the decision to be made will be. When we see a certain animal lying dead in front of us, the meaning of the animal as a symbol should be determined in order to find out more details.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Signifies pain and sorrow or suggests that a certain joy is only of short duration. In general: final abandonment or completion of a matter. Question: Whom do we see in the carrion?
  • finding: the bad time is over for you,-
  • the more repulsive the carcass, the more unpleasant is a current problem-solving,-
  • of a horse: promise of a long life,- blissful life.


  • Carrion of mammals: long life, pleasant times,-
  • seeing carrion of another animal: final abandonment of a matter,-
  • Carrion of birds: fulfillment of a wish,-
  • seeing it lying in a meadow: good health and long life,-
  • spreading a foul smell: your hopes will not be fulfilled,- also: may announce loss, aversion, disgust, or sorrow in the near future,-
  • touching it: harm or illness.

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