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The Dream Meaning of Dinner

December 21, 2023


Evening meal (dinner) can be explained by the meaning of the evening as a symbol of waning strength – if you eat your evening meal, you will regain your strength and be successful the next day. For older people, a richly laid table can indicate a particularly happy old age where nothing is lacking. In the case of younger people, work may have been completed so that they can reap its fruits. It often indicates that the ship of life will soon be sailing in calm waters or that there is no need to worry about what tomorrow will bring.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Taking: a meaningful dream that promises only good things on the horizon.


  • Foretells the fulfillment of desires, lottery luck, good inheritance, abundant gifts, good news, a streak of luck the next day, satisfactory resolution of a matter – work and fulfill your duty, your livelihood will improve,
  • seeing: you yearn for peace and tranquility,
  • sitting and eating supper: rejuvenation and a successful next day await, with a fortunate touch for upcoming ventures,
  • eating supper with others: successful collaborative efforts are possible, ideal for teamwork and new joint decisions.


  • Don’t be so restless; otherwise, you won’t reach your goal,
  • experiencing it with another: you will soon be able to rejoice in success,
  • your path to the goal is favorable, and fortune will beckon as your reward.

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