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The Dream Meaning of Eels

December 18, 2023


More snake than fish, points to a temptation, to slippery eels, to intrigues that threaten us. However, it can also indicate a kind of spiritualization of the emotional world and the life of the soul. It can also stand for suppleness and speed. The decisive clue to the meaning of the dream is given by the quality of the water and also the attitude that you yourself have towards this animal. If the eels were romping through clear, flowing water and the sight was pleasant, then more (mental) agility could now change your life in a positive way; clear ideas and rapid, flexible implementation are now required. Clinging to ingrained habits should now be discarded. If the eels were sluggishly moving through muddy, murky water, you would like to be ‘eel-smooth’ so that you can ‘wriggle’ through an unresolved, threatening situation more easily. If it is caught or pulled ashore, difficulties can be overcome if you persevere.If it escapes or slips out of our hands, then we are facing a difficult problem or the money is slipping through our fingers. The eel can also symbolize the male member and sexual drive, which indicates sexual needs and frustrations, especially in women. When dreaming of an eel, the dreamer is obviously sexually stimulated in a positive or negative way. Fleeing from an eel indicates fear of sexual intercourse, looking at it indicates the desire for a sexual encounter. If disgust or fear was the underlying mood of an eel dream, you should reconsider your current attitude towards sexuality (or your partner). Do you want to avoid its touch? Disgust at an eel is probably based on an unresolved childish idea of masculinity. (We do not think much of the view of some psychoanalysts that the eel, whose elongated shape is reminiscent of the male sexual organ, has an obvious sexual character, especially in women’s dreams).

Cultural Interpretations

Other meanings arise from the circumstances in which the fish appears in the dream, for example:


  • Symbol of deceit and annoyance through a slick person one should be wary of.
  • Seeing an eel: you will receive good news, a favorable outcome of an endeavor. (Lucky number: 76)
  • Seeing eels in the water: indicates disputes, legal proceedings.
  • Seeing a large number of eels swimming in murky natural water: beware of sudden misfortune. In clear water: promises success in career and material gain.
  • Catching an eel: pay attention to completing a business or endeavor. It foretells the prospect of a particularly favorable deal. For the sick, it signifies recovery.
  • Pulling one out of the water: for the healthy, it indicates something good; for the sick, an improvement.
  • Pulling one out of the water: the serpent symbol is now captured, the danger eliminated.
  • Letting one slip from your hand: you will miss out on a beneficial deal – a hope will not be fulfilled.
  • Killing one: be more cautious in your actions.
  • Seeing a dead eel: indicates sorrow and vexation.
  • Seeing a skinned one: unexpected help in times of need.
  • Eating one: only good things can be expected – health will improve.


  • Seeing eels in general: indicates that one can only escape calamities through smoothness, by keeping one’s eyes open and avoiding involvement in current matters. Also, it may suggest anticipating good news or a favorable outcome of an endeavor.
  • In clear water: presents new but fleeting joys for a woman.
  • In natural (murky) water (of a lake or river): signifies disputes, legal proceedings.
  • Seeing many eels in the water (for a woman): a sign of longing for sexual pleasures.
  • Twisting eels also foreshadow unpleasant events, an unpleasant message, and caution against slick individuals in the surroundings.
  • Catching eels: a new business will continue to develop successfully, but envy and jealousy are indicated.
  • Eels slipping from the fingers warn of failures. You will miss out on a beneficial deal, and a hope will not be fulfilled.
  • Pulling one out of the water means for the sick: health, for the healthy: something good.
  • Caught eel: signifies misfortune, harm, disadvantage, sorrow, and vexation.
  • Dead eel: victory over enemies, for lovers, it promises the happy end of a long courtship.
  • Cut eel: death of an opponent or dangerous rival.
  • Eating an eel often heralds impending trouble and problems. Benefit and advantage only come through courage and determination.

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