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The Dream Meaning of Feet

December 21, 2023


It points to one’s standpoint, values, beliefs, and principles, emphasizing the swift progression on the life journey hindered by a wounded foot. Freud attributed a phallic-sexual meaning to the foot, as it slips into the shoe (akin to the vagina). Depending on dream circumstances, meanings can vary:

  • Seeing a foot may indicate a mental or spiritual change in progress.
  • The strength or determination of the feet can signify how one approaches a task. Sensing that the current goal will either lead to a quick victory or require hard work.
  • Walking barefoot doesn’t necessarily indicate an external crisis. It suggests reconnecting with solid ground.
  • A sick, crippled, or broken foot signifies obstacles on the life path, often challenging to overcome independently.
  • Seeing oneself without a foot or leg in a dream may indicate a fear of losing one’s footing in life or a real-life perspective.
  • A dirty foot may point to false life foundations, foreshadowing an unnoticed impending illness or revealing a guilty conscience.
  • A large foot may indicate prosperity, and an oversized foot suggests living beyond one’s means.
  • Kissing a foot suggests excessive humility or anticipating humiliation for one’s misbehavior.
  • Washing feet may signify cleanliness or a desire to part with outdated principles, symbolizing sadness or discontent.
  • Bathing one’s or others’ feet suggests distancing oneself from daily concerns.
  • Feet symbolize progress in the dreamer’s life, especially when moving forward. Feet moving backward may signify a wrong life direction.
  • Many running feet may signal potential material loss, prompting attention to financial matters.

Additionally, consider whether one dreams of one or both feet; in the first case, the meaning of right or left may also be relevant.


Man’s foot represents his connection to the earth.


The ankles and toes, in all other respects, symbolize the same as the knees, with the distinction that they represent not the freed but slaves. Having more than two feet brings luck to a wholesaler, a shipowner, and anyone employing day laborers—they will command an even larger number of subordinates. For a helmsman, the dream foretells calm seas, as he will need more feet when the ship’s oars are deployed. It signifies good omens for the poor, indicating the acquisition of household slaves. Conversely, for the wealthy, it portends illness, as relying not only on their own feet but also on those of their carriers, they believe they have more feet. Many lost their eyesight after such dreams, necessitating the use of a guide for the blind. For criminals, it prophesies restraint, allowing them to go out only under supervision. A person dreamed of a motionless body with only the feet moving, leading to a sentence at the ship’s pump, where those pumping water stride as if walking but remain in the same spot. Another dreamt of water flowing from his feet and faced a similar fate due to criminal activities. A third, who was not a criminal but had the same dream, fell victim to dropsy. If the dream involves burning feet, it threatens everyone with disaster and complete loss of possessions, even of children and slaves. The significance of children and slaves, as those who attend to and care for their parents and owners, is often overlooked by most dream interpreters who assume feet merely represent slaves. Only for runners is the dream favorable, especially when dreamed shortly before a race. They will swiftly and urgently set their legs in motion. Dreaming of eating the flesh from the son’s foot, with the son earning a living as a runner, brings wealth to the son and benefits to the father from his son. Syros, a slave of Antipatros, dreamed of having no soles under his feet and was burned alive. A runner who had won a laurel wreath in the simple stadium race for boys in Olympia and dreamed of washing his feet in the Olympic wreath faced disgraceful expulsion from another competition, having desecrated the previously earned wreath. Someone dreamed of being wounded by a lance falling from the sky on a foot. The man was bitten on that same foot by a so-called lance snake, suffered bone decay, and died. A Cycladic flute player dreamed of worms eating his foot soles. He left his profession, stopped playing, and participating in competitions, and his feet became so weak, as if actually eaten by worms, that he could no longer fill his place on the stage.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Stretching: Family death,-
  • Washing: Catching a cold,- also: a difficult situation will be resolved, or a started task should continue in its current form as it will lead to a satisfying outcome,-
  • Taking a footbath: You will be honored,-
  • Injury: Illness and sorrow,-
  • Swollen or sick: Delays in all matters,-
  • Breaking: Your progress will be significantly hindered, unexpected obstacles will arise in your plan,-
  • Having broken ones: Warning to moderate your ambition,-
  • Caring for them: Everything will fall into place, and you will succeed,-
  • Having small ones: Your uncertain demeanor will make you look ridiculous,-
  • Having large ones: Modest behavior is more beneficial for you,-
  • Having dirty ones: Expect unexpected hostility, a problem will remain unresolved, you will be entangled in an unpleasant situation,-
  • Having more than two: Luck and protection from illness in life,-
  • Walking on foot: You will be independent and successful,-
  • Having crooked ones: You will commit a punishable act,-
  • Seeing crooked ones on others: Someone will deceive and betray you.


Feet as a dream symbol predict a secure social position and positive development:

  • Small feet signify contentment, significant wealth.
  • If the feet are injured or crippled, it warns against overestimating oneself.
  • Overall, the sign serves as a reminder that one always adheres to the iron laws of life. (Man and Women)


  • If not interpreted sexually, it signifies planning for the future life when the foot executes progressive movement,-
  • Seeing your own feet: A sign of despair,- one will become the victim of the desires and whims of another,-
  • Seeing someone else’s feet: A favorable sign,- promises success,- being able to assert rights and attain an elevated position,-
  • Having large ones: Ownership of a house is indicated,-
  • Having thin ones: A tiresome path lies ahead,-
  • Seeing naked feet: Brings news,-
  • Walking barefoot: It’s time to come back down to earth,- more connection with nature is needed,-
  • Walking barefoot with torn clothes at night: Expectations will be shattered, everything will turn out poorly,-
  • Breaking: Delay in an important matter,- predicts an accident,- unexpected obstacles will block the course of life,-
  • Being bitten in the foot: Signifies jealousy,-
  • Having amputated ones: Shame and ridicule,-
  • Having dirty ones: Predicts illness,- a guilty conscience plagues someone,-
  • Having dirty ones: Indicates enmity,-
  • Washing feet: Signifies a mild illness,- suggests a tidy household,- also: others will benefit from you,- a favorable outcome of an unclear matter, the small detour was extremely beneficial,-
  • Seeing someone washing their feet: Clarification of an unfavorable matter,-
  • Feet, someone is taking care of them: A need for compassion,-
  • Having sore ones: Degrading disputes are imminent,- mostly related to family conflicts,-
  • Pus-filled feet: Signify troubles in your profession,-
  • A sick one: One will be hindered in a matter,-
  • Sick feet: Indicates waste,-
  • A crippled, crooked one: Indicates contempt,-
  • Many feet: You will recover what was lost,-
  • Kissing someone else’s feet: Indicates remorse and humility,-
  • A thick one: Predicts illness,-
  • Swollen feet: Indicates that false friends want to deceive and alienate a good friend from you,-
  • Swollen and red feet: Will make a sudden business turnaround by separating from the family,- this is a bad dream that predicts a scandal and uproar,-
  • Limping foot: Exceptionally great misfortune is impending,- avoid friendships with strangers.


  • If the emperor dreams that both his feet have been amputated, he will not live long and will lose personal and devoted servants before his death,- a common man will soon die in poverty and pain, a woman will bury her loved ones and will be buried herself soon.
  • Seeing someone else’s feet: Beware of your opponent,-
  • Breaking: You should postpone the marriage for a while,-
  • Washing: A disease is causing you great concern,-
  • Having many: You will recover your lost belongings.

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