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The Dream Meaning of Fire

December 11, 2023

Medicine wheel

Huichol teaching: Wisdom


It is significant whether one dreams of ‘fire’ or of a ‘fire’. Fire is experienced as a great element of nature, which man has forced into his service not without reverence and a sense of guilt, as all myths about the theft of fire tell us. Fire stands at the beginning of all human culture. This value radiates from its embers in the fire dream. Such a dream always leads to the proximity of great powers of the soul. For one of the qualities of the soul is its fire. This is why the appearance of fire on the outside is so attractive to all people. The fire calls – the fire creates panic, makes people flee. Wherever fire is being handled, people stand still, wherever the embers of a technical furnace or a forge – frequent dream symbols – are revealed, one is seized by a place where transformation of matter and shaping of the hard happens.General joy blazes up in freedom and spring fire, general destruction, throws the torch of fire into the houses, lets fires fall eerily from threatening airplanes. Fire as a parable of eternal life burns before the altar, consumes the human offering on the altars of the gods: in it the sacrificer meets the god himself in the fire. Wherever it lights up, the fire speaks to man, thus also in dreams. The bright glow is part of its essence – consider what this meant in a non-electrified time compared to the night with its danger experienced so intensely by primitive man. Its warmth originally made the fire the center of the family, the domestic hearth, its heat transforms the food, the metals, and in a figurative sense the hardest thing melts in the embers of mental and spiritual fire: the human heart. The fire purifies us from the accidental, from all cheap unworthiness that clings to us. Wherever one approaches a great fire in a dream, whoever sees firelight rising in the sky is close to divine powers. Many religions speak of fire, in which God encounters the chosen ones, not without trepidation.- Here and there, a mighty fire blocks the dreamer’s path. He has to endure. Some dare to walk through it – they undertake the greatest daring in life. A bright fire burns in dreams where someone is seized by an idea, by something new. Erotic emotion also expresses itself in a similar way in dreams – as in popular sayings about the fire of secret love, the glow of erotic and sexual desire. Where there is fire, something happens, there is life. Hence, conversely, the desolation of dreams, in which only night and darkness reign! However, the fire of passion and the grasp of ideas is also a flame in which one can burn. The beast of fire is the lion – imperious and wild, it attacks its victim. The ray of fire can strike powerfully out of a clear and dark sky. Dreams of fire are never small dreams – where they flare up, there is heightened, great, but also dangerous life. The spirit is fire, it is never a smouldering fire.


Fire appears as a ambiguous symbol in various contexts in the most significant dreams. It is an archetypal image of the mind and love, crucial in the dreamscape due to its fundamental importance for humanity and civilization. Generally, it can be understood as an expression of intense emotions, consuming passions, lofty ideals, and elemental strength and energy, not always benign. In dreams, it may signify positive aspects like passion and desire or negative aspects such as frustration, anger, vexation, and destructiveness. Positively, it can also be interpreted as a sign of spiritual purification or transformation and rebirth. In general, these dream images represent psychic energy. At times, fire may suggest that the dreamer needs to transform their sexual power. The precise interpretation depends, for example, on whether the fire is under control.

  • If the dreamer primarily sees the flame of the fire, they are conscious of the energy being generated.
  • If the heat of the fire is more prominent, the dreamer perceives strong emotions in a person.

The exact meaning is determined in each individual case by the circumstances surrounding the dream, whereby the following individual processes, among others, must be taken into account

  • Building a fire, especially with someone’s help, may predict a romantic connection. Recognizing the helper or if it was a stranger
? Could you both control the fire together.
  • Intense heat of the fire may directly represent the dreamer’s emotional self.
  • If the dreamer is burned alive, it may express fear of a new relationship or phase in life. The dreamer might feel they have to endure suffering for their beliefs.
  • Fire often symbolizes purification in dreams (house burning). Harnessing the life-giving and generating power of fire can change one’s life. According to Jung, it’s an element of purification, burning away the old and stagnant.
  • Where the fire burns brightly indoors or outdoors, new things will emerge, and ideas can be realized.
  • When joyfully rising towards the sky, burning issues can be resolved.
  • Outdoor fire may represent strong feelings one experiences or receives from others.
  • If the fire burns without sparks, the dreamer may be in good physical and mental condition.
  • Dancing around a fire often heralds joyful events, especially in emotional relationships.
  • Seeing other people in or around the fire may warn against exploiting them for personal gain.
  • Blazing fire is akin to a physical climax (‘being inflamed with love’).
  • Fear of fire indicates fear of absolute surrender.
  • Joy in the fire signifies the desire for absolute surrender.
  • Close proximity to the flames suggests extreme emotions.
  • If the fire is seen from afar, feelings may seem elusive.
  • If the fire in the dream is uncontrollable, spreading, and especially destructive, it always carries a danger. This dream could indicate sexual dependence, an unhealthy and consuming passion, or overly fanatic ideas. While fire in dreams may not exclusively have sexual connotations, it often traces back to erotic triggers.
  • Fire in a house often hints at fundamental life changes, favorable with bright flames and unfavorable with dark smoke.
  • A modest, safely burning fire in the fireplace can symbolize satisfaction with personal life.
  • At the hearth, one feels warmth and security. A burning hearth fire often indicates a longing for quiet family happiness but can also herald prosperity and success.
  • If the fire is just being extinguished in the dream, it may signify the suppression of physical or emotional energy. It’s also crucial to note who was present in the dream. Did family, friends, or colleagues help fight the fire?
  • The ability to quickly extinguish a dream fire may represent the power to overcome opponents in current challenges. Consider how you extinguished the fire. Did you use any equipment?
? How high were the flames before you could extinguish them?
  • If one helps extinguish the fire in the dream, it indicates processing intense emotions.
  • Extinguished hearth fire, as interpreted in old dream books, warns of family problems or illnesses.
  • If the dream fire goes out, it may suggest thwarting or extinguishing some of our plans.
  • An extinguished fire may relate to health, perhaps endangered by an impending illness, as well as extinguished feelings and hopes or the settling of a debt.
  • Dreams of harvests in flames were traditionally interpreted as signs of an impending famine or death. In a modern, especially urban context, such dreams may indicate lean times ahead.
  • A mountain fire, like a beacon, symbolizes a public demonstration. It is quite likely a symbol for communication. What message must one convey?
? On the other hand, could someone be trying to forcefully impress one with a message they reject?
  • When fire and water are connected in a dream, the connection is almost always emotional: for example, extinguishing fire with water could mean that physical energy is tamed by cool thinking.
  • Men sometimes dream of extinguishing fire with a stream of urine, often indicating a rejection of a message or the views/morals of another person. This method of preventing the spread of a message appears violent and tactless in the dream.
Additionally, in individual cases, the symbolism of the ashes must be considered, which, together with the fire, can indicate emerging purified and content from an experiential and maturation process.


On this level, a baptism of fire symbolizes a new awareness of spiritual power and transformation.


Here it is useful to distinguish between two things, firstly the heavenly and divine, and secondly the earthly and that which is used in everyday life. When interpreting the heavenly fire, one should proceed as follows: To see a radiant, pure and small fire in the sky means a threat from powerful people, but a large, immense one prophesies the approach of enemies, barrenness and famine (according to parallels with Babylonian astrology). Wherever the fire appears or from which direction it comes, whether from north or south, from west or east, the enemies will approach from there or barrenness will prevail in those areas. The worst thing is when you see fire falling on the earth.Burning torches in the sky mean the same thing. All these apparitions conjure up danger over the dreamer’s head. For just as the sky (supernatural) towers over the universe, so the head towers over the whole body. If one sees the fire used in everyday life burning with a small and pure flame, it is, as Phemonoe (she is said to have been the oldest prophetess of the Delphic oracle) says, of blessing, but if it blazes violently and unbridled, it indicates disaster. It is best to see the hearth fire glowing and pure. It means great prosperity – for where no meals are prepared, no fire can be seen on the hearth. If it goes out, bitter poverty threatens, and if someone in the house is ill, it heralds death for the person concerned. It is favorable, especially for young people, to dream of carrying a burning torch at night – it usually means pleasant love adventures and successful undertakings, because you can see what is in front of your feet. On the other hand, it is bad for people who want to stay in the dark to see someone else with a torch. The ethereal fire brings happiness to everyone, especially the sick – it is a sign of salvation for them, because the deceased do not enjoy it.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Fire holds a special significance – it is a symbol of the gods.
  • If someone dreams that their house is burned down, they will be punished by the emperor or ruler of the land.
  • If their clothes catch fire, those mentioned will ruin their reputation and dignity.
  • If one sees the cushions of their bed burning, they will lose their wife or concubines.
  • If one of their limbs is burnt, they will face great hardship and distress, depending on the significance of each limb.
  • If someone eats glowing coals, they will receive rich gifts from the emperor or a noble of the land. If they light coals in a vessel, they will serve great lords according to the glow of the fire. If they extinguish the coals with water, they will play a trick on them. If one worships the fire humbly, they will make a request to high lords and be heard. If they collect the ash, they will receive a small, modest fortune from them.
  • If the emperor dreams of lighting a torch and carrying it, it prophesies glory, victories, and the downfall of his enemies. A common man will gain office and dignity according to the size of the torch.
  • If the emperor hands burning torches to others and knows them, he will grant them offices and powers. If they are unknown, he will show mercy to his enemies. If he lights many lights and torches in the temple or his palace, he will summon the most distinguished lords according to the number of lights to announce a joyful secret message and delight them all. If the lights go out against his will, he will be severely pressured by his enemies in accordance with the darkness.
  • If one dreams that the lamp of the house has gone out, the head of the household will die, on whom all usually gaze. If he lights the lamp again, another will take over the rule of the house. If the light of the lamp becomes so weak that it almost goes out, the head of the household will fall ill and become impoverished.
  • If the house fills with smoke, the head of the household will be punished by the authorities, depending on the density and sharpness of the smoke. If the smoke is fragrant, he will lend his power to others with gentle words, but will make a good name for himself according to the fragrance and mildness of the smoke.
  • If the emperor dreams of carrying a torch and it goes out, he will be in distress and not live long. A common man will lose his position and not achieve his goal.
  • If one dreams of carrying fire in their garment without it burning, they will become the confidant of the emperor and learn his secrets.
  • If someone dreams of how the burning light sets the container on fire, the head of the household will gain rank and status but will perish afterward.
  • If the emperor sees the pillars of the temple or his palace burning, it prophesies the rule of another and the death of the dignitaries he has appointed. If he sets the pillars on fire himself, he will eliminate his dignitaries. If he has other pillars erected, he will appoint other officials.
  • If someone warms themselves by a fire, they will commit themselves to a prince and prosper accordingly. Cold signifies poverty.
  • If one dreams that their hair on their head catches fire, they will lose their fortune through the authorities, corresponding to the damage caused by the fire. The emperor will lose his people in a war against enemies, corresponding to the loss of hair.
  • If the emperor dreams that his companion or war chariot is on fire, he will be humiliated in his dignity. If the chair with the chariot is consumed by flames, he will perish. If only the chair is burnt down, his consort will die. If he dreams of driving the chariot and the wheels catch fire due to friction, he will fall ill according to the strength of the fire. If he plans a campaign, he will abandon it.
  • All lights that illuminate a house mean happiness, respect, and power for everyone. If they go out, the opposite.
  • Seeing or entering a fire site: getting into trouble. Lighting it: you will win love after a long courtship, and a new friendship will be formed. Laying it: your actions are dangerous and will deprive you of success. Lighting a bright fire without realizing it: being silently loved by someone. Seeing a bright fire: unclouded joy, difficulties cease, success, a sign of purification. Seeing a very large one without smoke: you should learn to control your passions. With a lot of smoke: an unfortunate misunderstanding, a bad sign, contains the foreboding of impending disaster. With smoke: love with vexation, your intentions will be thwarted. Extinguishing it: forced by circumstances to give up your plans, a hope will dissipate. Blowing into it: causing discord. Falling into it: a serious accident. Suffering damage from fire: discontent. Seeing it in your hearth or oven: fertility. Extinguishing hearth fire: poverty and need are imminent. Strongly blazing hearth fire with a lot of smoke: disaster or a misunderstanding will bring a lot of trouble and social problems. Seeing a fireball in the sky: enmity brings serious worries. Seeing it fall from the sky: you must endure injustice. Running away from it: liberation from a heavy burden.


  • An explanation of this image largely depends on the other symbols that appear in the same dream. Generally, fire is considered an omen of purification, recovery, and detoxification. However, unpleasant incidents and/or strokes of fate can be expected if it takes on destructive proportions. In principle, the symbol aims to admonish the dreamer not to underestimate the iron laws of life. In any case, the dreamer should be aware that they are in a phase of life where they cannot be too careful. (Man)


  • One of the most important symbols – depending on the situation, it can be destructive, stimulating, or warming – hence either good or disturbing. House fires are always significant because a house is considered as a person – often a warning dream or the liquidation of past things.
  • Symbol of domesticity and peaceful family life – also favorable if one does not burn in it.
  • Joyful feelings at the sight of fire indicate a desire for boundless dedication.
  • Fearing fire means a fear of absolute surrender.
  • For sailors and travelers, it brings lasting prosperity.
  • A large conflagration is favorable for sailors, ensuring a safe journey, success, and awards for literati, and unlimited success for businesspeople.
  • Fire phenomena indicate the revelation of a crime and the healing of an illness.
  • Making or seeing a fire in an open field suggests forming a beautiful friendship.
  • Kindling a fire predicts many pleasant surprises, visits from distant friends, and promises of faithful love.
  • Brightly burning fire signifies joy and love in the family.
  • Seeing a large fire without smoke suggests controlling one’s passions.
  • Fire with smoke foretells trouble and misfortune.
  • A small fire that does no harm predicts unimportant news.
  • An extinguishing fire brings sorrow.
  • Extinguishing one’s own fire symbolizes the destruction of hope.
  • Dancing around a fire or seeing others dance around it indicates a joyful outing.
  • Falling into a fire brings great harm.
  • Suffering burns in a fire suggests deteriorating circumstances.
  • Seeing fire in an oven or stove suggests the prospect of children or much joy through them.
  • Extinguishing fire in an oven or stove signifies a serious illness.
  • Falling from the sky indicates inconveniences.
  • If the home is burning, it promises a loving partner, obedient children, and diligent employees.
  • If a businessman dreams his business is burning and watches, it signifies a breakthrough in business and lucrative profits. If he fights the fire without getting burned, he is very concerned about managing his business. If he sees the ruins of his store after a fire, it signifies misfortune. He may have been on the verge of giving up his efforts to achieve great wealth and excellent business results when unexpected luck occurs.


  • Fire is associated with various individuals.
  • If someone dreams that a place, field, or house is completely destroyed by a conflagration, the master of the house and the residents will perish due to war or serious illness. If the fire burns without flames and does not destroy everything but only parts, the misfortune will be less severe.
  • If the emperor or a ruler dreams this, the disaster will affect the state and the people.
  • If one’s own clothes burn, harm threatens those individuals indicated by the respective garment. If someone dreams that one of their limbs is burning, the misfortune will affect those individuals symbolized by that limb.
  • If someone consumes glowing coals without smoke and flame, they will obtain as much gold from orphans as they consumed coals.
  • If someone finds, has, or guards glowing coals without flame and smoke, they will receive a corresponding amount of gold.
  • If someone is seized by flames but not destroyed, they will be accused by a scoundrel, proportional to the licking flames. If they become a victim of the flames, they will be punished by the sovereign or perish in war against enemies, be afflicted by the severe bubonic plague, or some other ailment. If, however, a flame without flames burns them, they will be fined.
  • If someone takes ash or lye, they will give false testimony or slander others.
  • If someone starts a fire at a stove or oven, they will be punished by a great lord who is a benefactor of the people.
  • If someone dreams of making fire under a pot, they will physically quarrel with the head of the household in whose house they had this vision. This dream is interpreted in this way because the eyes of all household members are focused on the pot. If they kindle it with wood, they will have a verbal dispute with the head of the household. If someone warms bread or food on the fire for eating, they will consume their bread under the control of another or nourish themselves with fear and trembling.
  • If someone holds a burning torch in their hands, they will gain power according to the flaming torch. If they also ignite other fires with the torch, they will grant them a share in power.
  • Any fire without smoke and flame signifies wrongfully acquired gold, while fire with flame and smoke represents violence, war, and illness, as mentioned above.
  • If someone gropes in the dark and lights a torch to find their way, they will, upon regaining sight, strive with all their might to attain joy and power, succeeding if they ignited the torch. If not, the opposite will occur. If the emperor dreams this, he will do everything to achieve greater fame and reach his goal. A monk will strengthen his faith after this dream.
  • If someone provides light to another, they will honor and praise them.
  • If someone lights a fire to warm themselves and warms by it, they will address a petition to the sovereign and find as much support as they have warmed themselves. Cold generally symbolizes poverty. However, if they make a fire to roast meat and do so, they will be intent on accusing people and putting them behind bars according to their actions while roasting. If they eat the roasted food, they will load sin and shame upon themselves in front of everyone but also enrich themselves according to the quantity they consumed and be plagued.
  • Under no circumstances can a fire catastrophe be interpreted favorably, except in the case of a merchant. If, for example, a merchant dreams that their business or the place where it is located has burned down, it prophesies shining times and rapid growth for their enterprise, albeit accompanied by fear and ridicule.
  • In the oven: your children are not under the best supervision.
  • Extinguishing it: you will harm yourself.
  • Suffering harm from it: you are discontent.
  • Seeing it burn brightly: you are loved.
  • In the hearth: your children need better upbringing.

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