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The Dream Meaning Of Getting Shot At

December 25, 2023


A nightmare that usually tries to come to terms with a mental and spiritual ‘murder’: One has ‘killed’ a feeling, a talent, a relationship – often for reasons of conformity and reason. If you are shot in a dream, you should strive to free yourself from your inhibitions, as this is the only way to overcome considerable difficulties. The further meaning arises from the resulting violence, which expresses destruction and self-destruction, as well as the choice of weapons. By the way: No need to panic! This dream certainly does not mean that you are about to become a murder victim.

Cultural Interpretations


  • someone with a shotgun: a bad omen – your plan is not good; you must abandon it for happiness to come.
  • someone: an enemy is pursuing you.
  • seeing: a murky future.
  • being shot: you are hopelessly in love.


  • being shot: heralds a fateful future, honor.

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