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The Dream Meaning of Rain

December 11, 2023


In its simplest meaning, rain symbolizes tears and the release of emotions. The dreamer may have been feeling depressed, lacking the opportunity to express their feelings in daily life. Depending on the circumstances, it is often interpreted as follows:
  • Seeing rain encourages allowing more emotions to surface.
  • Being drenched by rain indicates issues arising from overwhelming emotions; being overly guided by feelings.
  • Drizzling rain signifies relaxation and inner balance.
  • Downpour warns against excessive emotional exuberance.
  • Flooding due to rain suggests being carried away by emotions, leading to harm.


He also comes down from heaven in dreams and fertilizes the earth. This means that in waking life we can reap the fruits of our (spiritual) labor or our love, our hopes and wishes can be fulfilled. If the rain lashes us in the face, we will have to be prepared for many a quarrel, for many a futile labor of love. If we feel in our dreams that the rain is warm on our skin, we can probably look forward to a ‘warm rain’, to an improvement in our finances, especially as rain is always followed by sunshine. But unfortunately, sometimes you can go from the frying pan into the fire, i.e. be disappointed by life. In a man’s dream, rain corresponds to the unfulfilled need for total relaxation. In a woman’s dream, rain can represent the sexual act. It can also have a more general meaning and indicate the realization of possibilities on a group level. All people should be able to make use of the fertility it brings.


Because of its ‘heavenly’ origin, rain in dreams symbolizes divine blessing and revelation.


Rain without storms and strong winds is generally good, except for those who are preparing for a journey and for people who do their work in the open air, for whom it is a hindrance. Drizzle and hoar frost are most beneficial to farmers, while for the rest of us they herald moderate business. The downpour, whirlwind and storm are harbingers of danger and damage,- only slaves, the poor and people who find themselves in a tight spot, they prophesy deliverance from the adversities that beset them,- for violent storms are followed by good weather.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If one dreams of a gentle rain falling on their hometown, the local residents will receive favors from the emperor. However, if it rains too heavily and incessantly, the emperor’s subjects will experience disfavor, but they will later regain grace.
  • If the emperor dreams of being surprised by rain during a journey, his wishes will not come true, given that the rain soaks his garments. Whether on a journey, military campaign, or for an ordinary person, the same applies.
  • If a place becomes wet and humid not from clouds or rain but in another way, the expectations and hopes of the residents will not be fulfilled. Instead, they will endure new, unusual misfortunes and unnatural diseases. Clean rain, wherever it falls, brings happiness to everyone, but murky rain brings misfortune.
  • Seeing rain: Indicates good times; gradually freeing oneself from worries.
  • From the sky: Wealth and blessings.
  • With sunshine: Unstable happiness.
  • Very strong and destructive: Threatens troubles and dangers in private matters.
  • Cold, unpleasant: Signifies ill-treatment from others.
  • Rain shower: Unexpected hindrances. Wait until the time improves.
  • Raindrops: Gentle approach of love.
  • On the face: Health and happiness.
  • On clothing: Beware of illness.
  • Walking in rain: Abundance in earthly matters.
  • From pitch: Harm and misfortune.
  • From money: Winning in gambling.


  • If someone dreams that the roof tiles of their house are dripping with water without rain, and the water comes from ice, it signifies liberation from misery, corresponding to the dripping. If it drips without any external reason, a bad news from the emperor or governor will arrive, but later, it will prove to be a deception. If the water runs from a rain cloud, clear and moderate, the residents will obtain grace and mercy from God, resulting in a rich harvest. However, if the water flows more than necessary and is not clear, they will suffer punishment from the emperor or governor based on its quantity and turbidity.
  • If it seems that the place is being showered with ash, dust, or something else without rain, the residents will experience something good from the emperor, according to the substance that descended upon them.
  • If one imagines that moisture is descending on the place in bright sunshine and cloudless sky, regardless of the dreamer’s identity, it signifies the emperor. God will grant him help and victory over his enemies, bringing joy to the residents because the earth is frequently refreshed by the dew of heaven. If it rains from clouds at the location, and the water is clean, something good is imminent; if it is murky, the opposite is true.


  • Understanding sky, spring, and water: always consider color and condition,- fulfillment of wishes and hopes,-
  • Hearing or seeing approaching rain without getting wet: successful plans and achieving goals quickly,-
  • Seeing: better times are on the horizon,-
  • Warm rain falling on you: a symbol of fertility, success in career, and happiness in love,-
  • Cold rain: others will soon mistreat you,-
  • Mild rain promises artisans: profit and earnings,-
  • For merchants: progress,-
  • For artists: recognition,-
  • Being completely soaked by it: impending luck and heavenly blessings,- you will find happiness elsewhere than where you seek or expect it,-
  • Being in a rain shower: studying the creation of the world and indulging in the well-dosed enjoyment of selfish pleasures will bring exquisite pleasure,-
  • Collecting rainwater: health,-
  • Seeing it in the sun: signifies happiness amidst tears,-
  • Falling from dark clouds: the scope of endeavors will disturb you,-
  • Rain and storm with hail and darkness: danger, accident, loss,- always foretells misfortune,-
  • Standing in a rain shower in clear weather: you will enjoy pleasures with youthful enthusiasm and amass a fortune,-
  • Sitting in the house and seeing a downpour through the window: you will have luck, and passionate love will be rewarded,-
  • The splashing of rain on the roof: heralds happiness and joy at home,- you will gain a modest fortune,-
  • If the house leaks in rain and clear weather, an unexpected forbidden pleasure awaits you,- but if the weather is hideous and gloomy, expect the opposite and exposure,-
  • Regretting duties not fulfilled while listening to the rain: seeking pleasure,-
  • Others standing in the rain: you will not trust friends,-
  • If rain falls on livestock: signifies disappointment in business and unpleasantness in social matters,-
  • If a young woman dreams that her clothing becomes wet and dirty while standing in the rain, she will tactlessly amuse herself with someone and arouse suspicion from friends because of foolish indulgence.


  • Rain symbolizes the fulfillment of a request and mercy.
  • If someone dreams that it rained on their field, they will obtain blessings, joy, and mercy from God.
  • If the emperor has this dream during a time when rain is urgently needed, God will grant him what he asks for. If his land suffers from famine, there will be a bountiful harvest. If there is no lack of rain, the outcome is less favorable and weaker.
  • If someone drinks rainwater, especially if it’s clean, besides the mentioned general blessing, they will also receive significant personal benefits. If the water is dirty, illness and distress proportional to the amount consumed will befall them.
  • If someone dreams that rain fell exclusively on their house, their family will struggle with an epidemic and serious illnesses. The same interpretation applies if such a dream involves other houses.
  • If someone collects such rainwater, they will experience as much sorrow and hardship as the amount of water collected.
  • Getting wet: loss of a good person,- illness,-
  • Very heavy rain: impending disaster,-
  • Mild rain: profit,-
  • With sunshine: pleasant change,-
  • Golden rain: pleasure.

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