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The Dream Meaning of Spiders

December 23, 2023

Medicine wheel

Keywords: spinning,- weaving,- ancient,- interconnected,- female,- protector,- dichotomy,- unity. Description: The spider’s body consists of two almost round body parts and it has eight legs. Spiders weave complex and durable webs. In many Native American legends, Spider Woman is associated with First Woman, the spirit woman who weaves all creation. Spider Woman is both the creator and the destroyer. By understanding this dichotomy, one can comprehend the unity of creation embodied by the endless web that the spider weaves. General meaning: The continuous aspect of your nature the continuous aspect of the circle of life,- your feminine nature, your creativity, your intuition,- attracting your attention with a spider lowering itself from the ceiling on a silken thread in front of you. Association: Lurking like a spider in a web,- fear,- disgust,- spinning – being crazy. Transcendent Meaning: A clear revelation of your place in the sacred web of life,- an indication of how you are to interweave with the web of life at this particular time in your life.


The image of the spider is highly symbolic. In normal life, the spider is met with little sympathy. In dreams, it stands for cunning and for the artistic side of the dreamer. The spider often stands for sexual needs and other passions in which one has become entangled – this is often associated with fears and feelings of guilt. Old interpretations see it as the daughter’s conflict with her mother. Others see the spider as a symbol of orgasm. The dreamer fears that power and energy will be sucked out of him, not only during sex. Perhaps he has gotten caught up in something that he can no longer get out of. Or are intrigues being spun around him?


In the Middle Ages, the spider had the meaning of instinctive evil in humans. Even today, people still speak of spinning intrigues. Anything that falls into the spider’s web is lost. This image is often used to represent a man’s fear of a cold, calculating woman. This image then probably indicates a mother complex. In dreams, however, the spider is in any case a serious symbol of danger. It can signal the beginning of serious mental disorders, from neuroses to psychoses. However, if the other symbols of the dream are favorable, the dream spider can be a real lucky animal that spins our thread of life, concentrates our thoughts on the important, the feasible, which is described by the artfully spun center of the spider’s web. But if you see a spider on a single thread, the dreamer’s happiness in waking life hangs on the famous silken thread. The spider in dreams and the mandala have a similar symbolism. The spider creates a web like a mandala, which simultaneously nourishes and protects the dreamer.


On a spiritual level, the spider in a dream represents the Great Mother in her role as weaver. She weaves fate with her body and is therefore the creator. She is also an image of the evil instinct that sucks poison from everything.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing a spider: indicates impending jealous hostilities; also, you will have luck in every respect.
  • Watching it spin its web: through diligent work in life, you will achieve much.
  • Hanging by a single thread: one should consider that happiness may not be constant.
  • Seeing it crawl over your body: signifies worries and agitation.
  • Killing it: you are misunderstanding a friend.


  • Dreaming of a spider is a warning to be cautious with oneself and to exercise diligence and activity. It brings luck to the home and business. Special caution is advised in dealings with women, and brain irritations are possible.
  • Seeing a spider: If you make an effort and work diligently now, you will soon be very happy.
  • Seeing one hanging by a thread: Luck and fortune are fragile.
  • Seeing many spiders: Foretells worries and sorrow, but if there are auspicious dream images, the worries and sorrow will diminish.
  • Seeing many hanging in their webs: Anticipate favorable circumstances, luck, health, and friends.
  • Observing them weave their webs: You will feel secure and protected in your own home.
  • Having them crawl over your body: Confrontation with worries and agitation is imminent.
  • Being bitten by one: Deception is likely.
  • Seeing a large one crawling toward you: Rapid success is on the horizon, provided you avoid dangerous contacts.
  • Seeing a large one accompanied by a smaller one: Feeling invincible for a while. If bitten by the larger one, enemies may steal your wealth; if bitten by the smaller one, anticipate minor hostilities and jealousies.
  • Fleeing from a large spider: Risk of losing your wealth.
  • Catching one: Promises future acquisition of valuable possessions.
  • Killing one: Predicts quarrels with your spouse or partner.
  • If a killed spider later revives and pursues you: Expect illness and fluctuating luck.
  • If a young woman dreams of golden spiders, her chances of a happy life and new friends are elevated.


  • Seeing many: Indicates a worrisome life.
  • Seeing one: Your fate will turn for the better.
  • Killing one: You will overcome an enemy.

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