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The Dream Meanings of a Brother

January 5, 2024


The brother in a dream can indeed express the relationship with one’s own brother, and the interpretation arises from real-life circumstances. Often, the brother also represents the other side of our personality (two souls in one breast), which one may accept or reject, but in any case, should strive to understand and explore as much as possible. In men’s dreams, he is often the second self, drawing attention to emotional or character inconsistencies and prompting a return to self-reflection. Even in women’s dreams, he is rarely the actual brother but rather a close individual, a fellow human being who approaches us in a brotherly manner, possibly helping us overcome difficulties. Thus, the brother is more than a symbol of fraternity; he also represents the masculine aspect of one’s self. Additionally, the following meanings apply:

  • Older brother: Indicates that one is seeking a sincere advisor or a good interpersonal relationship with comfort and warmth.
  • Younger brother: May symbolize the desire to provide advice, help, and protection oneself, but also hints at immature aspects of the personality.
  • Saying goodbye to the brother: Often signifies that in a matter, one cannot rely on the assistance of others and must handle it independently.




It is favorable for the dreamer if he uses his brother, be he older or younger,- he will outstrip him and treat him with contempt. Furthermore, brothers mean the same as enemies with regard to the outcomes of dreams, for they are not of use to you, but, like enemies, of harm, because each possesses what he should possess for himself alone, not alone, but only half or a third with his brothers. Timocrates dreamed that one of his brothers had died and was burying him. Soon afterwards he saw one of his enemies die. However, the death of brothers does not only mean the demise of enemies, but also the acquittal of a feared fine. Thus the grammarian Diocles, who feared that he would lose money because of an insulting statement, dreamed that his brother had died. He was not fined. Someone who had a brother who was traveling and kept writing to him that he would return home dreamed that his brother, now blind, had returned. Of course, the dreamer died, because his brother was unable to see him. One of them dreamed that he, driven under the yoke, was harnessed together with his long-dead brother and driven like a draught animal by his mother, who held the reins. He arrived at his mother’s house terminally ill, died and was buried at his brother’s side – and that was the pair that his mother had laboriously brought together.

Cultural Interpretations


  • seeing: Unity in the family, family happiness,
  • taking leave of him or losing him: sad incidents, including loss through death.


  • If a woman dreams of her brother, she can expect times of domestic peace.
  • If a man dreams of his brother, times of domestic discord may be anticipated.
  • If two brothers understand each other very well in the dream, it signifies financial stability for the dreamer.
  • If two brothers quarrel in the dream, the dreamer should be very cautious in his affairs in the next few days, both in business matters and in general with words and actions.
  • In any case, it is important to reflect on and, if necessary, nurture relationships with the immediate surroundings.


  • Reflective dream about oneself,
  • or seeing a sister in a dream: imminent news,
  • if a woman dreams of her brother: a sign of domestic happiness,
  • if a man dreams of his brother: he can expect disputes,
  • parting from them: trouble is approaching,
  • taking leave of him: fortunate circumstances, one is entirely dependent on oneself in a matter,
  • losing him: you are heading towards a stormy future,
  • seeing him die: deterioration of the situation,
  • quarreling with him: you will have vexation,
  • seeing a brother or sister die: death of a friend,
  • seeing great energy in your brothers: rejoicing in your own or your brothers’ happiness,
  • being poor, sad, or seeking help: you will soon be called to a deathbed, or you and your brothers will suffer a terrible loss.


  • Find good friends.

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