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The Dream Meanings of a Car Crash

January 6, 2024


There are a number of well-documented dreams that were accurate ‘predictions’ of later accidents. The safest theory (unless you believe in dream prophecies anyway) is that our subconscious notices things that escape our conscious awareness. For example, you may dream of a certain woman being run over at a particular intersection – and then this is exactly what happens. The explanation may be that this particular intersection is simply very dangerous and the woman is a careless pedestrian. Unconsciously, we have registered both facts and recognized the probability that something will happen to this woman. In any case, we subliminally perceive many much more subtle details around us every day. If you dream that you have an accident, it depends on how it happened, especially if it is something you use regularly, such as a garden tool. Check that it is in good condition and be careful the next time you handle it. However, the accident may not mean anything at all, especially if someone else is involved.


Dreams in which the dreamer is injured, murdered or killed are relatively common – the specific circumstances of such a dream are significant. The accident has two meanings in dreams: On the one hand, an accident can be dreamed of if one has actually happened in reality and the dreamer is now also processing it psychologically. On the other hand, the accident is also a dream reference to problems that the dreamer feels unable to cope with. The dreamer stages an accident in a dream so that he no longer has to face his problems. Usually the dreamer is warned to be careful or to become aware of hidden aggression – be it his own or that of another person. Accident contains a warning that often also refers to one’s own recklessness – one must be more careful and considerate in life, otherwise one will come to harm. What this actually refers to depends on the personal circumstances of the person. Often it merely points to carelessness in waking life, which the unconscious describes as an accident that need not be taken so seriously. Such dreams bring fears into focus that have something to do with safety or carelessness or with the fear of responsibility. The people involved can be decisive. Are they interfering in your life or blocking your progress? Be careful if the dream situation happens in real life!


Since there is no accident in spiritual terminology, this dream symbol means divine intervention or interference from a respectful source.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Warning of danger – also: Caution against careless behavior that can lead to professional setbacks. (13, – 21)


  • The significance of the accident depends on other dream elements, but it always serves as a warning. In the coming days, it’s advisable to avoid travel, business ventures, risks in love affairs, and handle dangerous objects with extreme caution. This symbol serves as a reminder that life isn’t solely controlled by self-determination, and external factors can thwart plans. It emphasizes the importance of remaining adaptable, staying prepared, and finding peace amid uncertainties.


  • Warning dream – Caution in traffic – One should not undertake a journey for a short time, as the loss of life threatens.
  • Seeing: Warns against dealing with reckless people – Also, possibly, a close person may be in danger.
  • Experiencing oneself: Personal misfortune through dealings with reckless people – Risk of accidents, not necessarily in traffic.
  • Experiencing with a car or train: Business failures are imminent.
  • Experiencing with a boat or ship: Problems and difficulties in the private sphere are looming.

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