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The Dream Meanings of a Departure

January 11, 2024


When you leave a familiar situation – such as leaving home – it indicates that you are breaking away from old or habitual patterns of behavior. You may feel the need to allow yourself freedom and independence. Departure generally stands for the constant change in life, the direction of which we ourselves help to determine. In your dream you are packing your suitcase, hurrying to the train station, airport or getting into the car. But the suitcase cannot be closed. You miss the train, the way to the airport is blocked by a traffic jam, the car won’t start? It is certainly not a warning dream about the dangers of a journey! You just want to ‘get away’ – from the dull daily routine, an extremely stressful situation, a marital quarrel or a responsibility. But you also know that you have no chance! In a way, it describes the fear of having to take responsibility for something or avoiding difficulties, especially if it was a hasty departure. Caution is definitely called for here! You must always take into account the circumstances surrounding the departure, for example the destination. The departure of another person may be the end of a heated argument in which we want to be right


The conscious rejection of the past can be represented in a dream by a departure.

Cultural Interpretations


  • General: It is time for you to make a change.
  • Seeing (pleasant feeling): Sorrow is leaving you.
  • Seeing (sad feeling): Friends are drifting away from you in their thoughts – you will be lonely.


  • General: A symbol of unstoppable fate, with the choice of the right direction remaining with the dreamer.
  • Indicates a change, with an improvement in circumstances.
  • Preparing for one: You will soon be faced with an important decision.
  • Joyfully anticipating one: The current situation will soon be able to change for the better.
  • Sudden departure and hastily packing suitcases: Trying to avoid responsibility, or avoiding a conflict.
  • Departing with a means of transportation: You are avoiding adversities and misfortune.
  • Seeing oneself depart: Trying to shirk responsibility.
  • Missing the train at the last moment: Fear of missing an opportunity.

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