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The Dream Meanings of a Funeral

January 3, 2024


Don’t panic, you are certainly not dreaming of your own! It may be that ‘someone has died’ for you – you don’t want to have anything more to do with him/her, you want to break off contact completely. Sometimes you have to ‘mentally bury’ a problem in order to clear your head for something new. Attending a funeral brings into focus the need to come to terms with a loss. If you dream of your own funeral, you have come to terms with an important phase of your life – perhaps the dream heralds a divorce, a move, career changes or time spent abroad – but certainly not your death. It may also indicate a fear of being overwhelmed, possibly by too much responsibility or by repressed parts of your personality threatening to burst out violently.


The spiritual symbols of death, loss and pain are significant here. They do not necessarily have to have a negative meaning. The dreamer should be concerned with rebirth and the positive elements that can be contained in this symbolism.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Strangers: You will receive an inheritance.
  • Family members: You will bear heavy sorrows.
  • Yourself: You should give up a bad habit leading to illness.
  • One with great pomp: A significant gift will be bestowed upon you.
  • One that is cheap: If you continue this way, you will become impoverished.


  • Seeing: Old disputes or family conflicts will finally be laid to rest. Subsequently, friendly or familial relationships can blossom anew.
  • Attending a relative’s in sunshine: Indicates a healthy relationship and joyful unions within the family. In the rain: Foretells illnesses, bad news from absentees, or business downturns.
  • Generally participating in one: Unexpectedly signals upcoming celebrations.
  • Attending one with a somber atmosphere and sorrowful faces: Unpleasant circumstances are on the horizon.
  • Attending your own: Symbolizes the end of a particular worry or concern.
  • Arguing with the deceased: Expresses ongoing hostility with that individual.
  • Feeling sad during the funeral: Calls for a reassessment of emotions towards the deceased and a reevaluation of your behavior towards that person.

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