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The Dream Meanings of a Goodbye

January 16, 2024


Dreams about saying goodbye can be similar to dreams about death. It is important to determine what one is saying goodbye to in reality. Saying goodbye can mean that life will change fundamentally, for example through a separation from people, things, attitudes, behaviors, opinions, or even feelings, or through a new profession as the personality develops. Wishing for a reunion in the dream (‘saying see you again’) is a positive sign. Saying goodbye to parents often promises younger people a transformation towards greater independence. Saying goodbye to a steady boyfriend or girlfriend often reflects distrust in their fidelity, or perhaps a desire to distance oneself from a monotonous daily routine. It doesn’t automatically mean that one wants to leave them; it may just be a goodbye to something they represent. Similarly, saying goodbye to a house or place means that one is ready to leave behind their past, or at least a part of it. Additional symbols in the dream can clarify its true meaning. Saying goodbye to elderly people can sometimes indicate a final farewell, but sometimes it can also be a warning to give up a bad habit. Women often say goodbye to someone in dreams, indicating likely changes in lifestyle. One should also consider whether the separation made them happy or sad. Dreaming of a farewell party suggests that something is or should soon be concluded. What needs to be concluded is usually indicated in the dream.


Hearing or speaking the words ‘farewell’ or ‘stay well’ in a dream is not a good sign, as these words are not used when people meet or plan to do something together, but only when they are taking leave of each other or going to rest. Therefore, it signifies the separation of marriages and communities and the passing of the sick.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Bringing a farewell greeting: indicates a loss due to illness or death,
  • Receiving a farewell from someone: foretells good and lasting friendship, a symbol of imminent change in life.


  • If you say goodbye to a known person in a dream, it indicates a break with an old friend or acquaintance. Saying goodbye to a stranger signifies new friendship. Feeling particular sadness at farewell predicts a pleasant event in the coming days. (Child -)


  • Generally: separation is proof of friendship but also a symbol of imminent change in life, always signifies a new beginning,
  • From acquaintances: one should think about their relationship with them,
  • From parents: sadness, worries, or illnesses of them,
  • From a lover or fiancé: fidelity,
  • Saying goodbye to friends: indicates friendship and help,
  • Giving a farewell to a friend or girlfriend: inheritance,
  • From strangers: worries will soon disappear,
  • Saying farewell oneself: you will be remembered in a will, fidelity,
  • Seeing two people say goodbye to each other: personal infidelity.

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