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The Dream Meanings of a School

January 16, 2024


Time and again, the dreamer finds themselves back in the school desk after many years, as before, sometimes alone, sometimes with former classmates, but as an adult, sometimes with various people from their life. Once again, they are expected to solve tasks. These tasks look like school assignments but are clearly not. In the dream school, the particularly strict teacher of the youth years stands at the front, but it can also be a man resembling the current boss, a friend, or an old unknown man. A specific topic is being discussed, and especially the dreamer, is expected to answer correctly. Once again, they are in an examination. According to dreams, the school time and its seemingly insignificant events have deeply imprinted themselves into the memory boards of most people’s subconscious. The school time is somehow always current and apparently means more than just memories. In almost all cases, the school dream symbolizes the current school of life, where we all are assigned our tasks, our quota, such as resolving a major conflict in a reasonable time and passing the tests of existence. In dreams, we are called to answer, but the question is a life question, often posed by the most powerful fate. It happens that one must ‘let the unknown teacher look into their notebooks’, into something they would rather hide. Or they should be able to speak a foreign language, a language of emotion that they perhaps have never learned, and therefore remains foreign to them. Yet, the life situation demands that feeling speak now. Since in school dreams the total personality of the dreamer, both the questioned and performance-called self, as well as the classmates, and also, as a higher authority, the teacher within them (the dreamer themselves is the whole school, the students, and the teacher), there is no cheating, no possibilities for fraud, and no excuses in this school. In the dream school, one cannot even skip classes. If it is rarely attempted, the following dreams respond with a very bad aspect. School dreams are, therefore, to be meditated on very seriously.


It is the memory of the unconscious that one never stops learning. The dream points to the school of life, the workload assigned to us, the tests that relate to the soul. If the dreamer has found a new approach to their personality and learns to deal with it again, this is often expressed in the dream through a school situation or a classroom. Even if the dreamer tries to discard old, outdated ideas and concepts, or learns to deal differently with power and feelings of inadequacy, their emotions break through in this dream image. Dictation or prompting is not possible in this school, and skipping even less so. Here, our self is called to perform. School is an important part of everyone’s life. It is also the place where one usually forms the first relationships outside the family, and therefore it can symbolize the possibility of experiencing new relationships. Competitiveness and group belonging are also first learned at school. School usually calls for learning from experiences. Sometimes it indicates that one must expect a test of fate soon. Since learning is at the forefront here, one can assume that major changes are coming. One must readjust and become familiar with new aspects of the world. What the dream means if one went back to school in the dream depends largely on one’s personal attitude towards school time. Perhaps one only needs a new intellectual challenge or a larger field of activity for one’s own mind, e.g., through studying a new subject or a new hobby. But if one, like many others, hated school, then a dream in which one is back at the school desk indicates that the shadow of the inglorious school time still lies over one. It may want to say that one should free oneself from the notion that one must work to live, instead of living to work. It advises one to look for opportunities that promote a positive attitude towards everyday life.


On the spiritual level, life itself is the school.

Cultural Ineterpretations


  • Seeing: getting into trouble,
  • With children: you have missed a lot,
  • Standing in front: you have an unpleasant task ahead of you,
  • Going in: a worrisome future,
  • Being inside: one should beware of repeating past mistakes and errors; also: one should be careful not to approach important decisions and significant tasks too lightly,
  • Coming out: the endured fear is over.


  • Life will impose new tests on one,
  • Seeing: you are about to repeat a folly you have already made and should learn from an experience; brings unpleasantness and reminds us to be diligent at all times; trouble with another person that you have caused yourself,
  • Visiting: promises distinction in literary work,
  • Visiting one’s own former school building: dissatisfaction and discouragements overshadow the present,
  • Being a young student oneself: worries and setbacks will cause you to long for the simple responsibilities and joys of past times,
  • Seeing oneself as an adult sitting at the school desk: one must now process some things from one’s childhood and youth; moreover, life wants to teach one a lesson, so that one understands that as a human, one is always just a ‘student’,
  • Not doing the set tasks correctly: you are about to undertake something you do not understand,
  • Seeing children in school: you will enjoy prosperity and well-being,
  • Seeing a teacher there: you will learn and enjoy pleasure,
  • Teaching oneself: one strives for literary skills; however, the necessary things in life must come first.


  • Visiting: your future is secure, luck,
  • Keeping: you are easily excitable,
  • Being in there: you will experience unpleasant things,
  • Full of children: many worries,
  • Leading children in: you take good care of your own.

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