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The Dream Meanings of a Sister

January 8, 2024


Sister embodies those qualities that are ‘related’ to you, but which you do not fully accept. According to old dream books, she is also said to represent good health or a good (often business) relationship.


If the image of a woman’s biological sister appears in a dream, this indicates the dreamer’s darker side. In male dreams, the nurse is a symbol of the female emotional side, the anima of the man. A nurse in a dream is a sign of mental disorders; she fulfills similar functions to a doctor. Also the religious sister, i.e. nun or deaconess. She often appears in dreams as a helpful friend or as a nurse who provides guidance and from whom you seek help and advice. Anyone who argues with her in a dream is dissatisfied with themselves and complains that they should be looked after more, that their lot should be made easier.


Someone dreamed that he had his sister’s clothes and was wearing them. He inherited his sister. Someone dreamed that his sister was torn away from her husband by her father and given to another as a wife. It happened that the dreamer died,- for understandably the father pointed to his demon as the author of his life,- while the sister, which means the same as the soul, was destined to be snatched away from her husband’s side by the demon and to go to another abode and into other living conditions,- for according to the belief of men, the souls of the deceased, when they have separated from the body, dwell in another abode.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing or speaking with her: lively interaction with your close relatives, also: one will very soon experience the fulfillment of their wishes, 
  • In traditional costume: you will find consolation, promises help in distressed situations.
  • For a woman: A hint towards greater helpfulness.


  • Represents one’s own shadow in women, in men: the female component in the man reveals a new side, 
  • Seeing one’s own: promises good health, 
  • Kissing her: means a lot of joy in the relationship, 
  • Saying goodbye to her: indicates that one is completely on one’s own in a matter, 
  • Seeing her die: brings a deterioration of the situation, 
  • Seeing a nun: one will soon receive help in one’s distressed situation, 
  • If a woman sees a nun, she should now show more helpfulness.


  • Seeing or speaking: you will establish a good, happy connection.

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