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The Dream Meanings of a Tiger

January 7, 2024


The tiger represents powerful drives and instincts that must be better controlled. If it attacks, one must beware of aggressive, vengeful people; ancient Indian dream interpretation understands this as an enemy that has not yet been consciously unmasked. If one kills the tiger, however, one does not suffer any harm from the aggressions of other people.


Like other predators, it depicts the overpowering instincts in us, similar to the bull (see there), but it behaves less prudently and more consciously and purposefully. The dream consciousness wants to point out to the dreamer that his instinct has taken on a life of its own and could tear the dreamer apart. Whoever dreams of a tiger is vital, a man of instinct who often overshoots the mark. This animal, which is so powerful and majestic in nature, symbolizes vitality, passion or the capacity for passion, but also aggressiveness. It is a danger signal. If the tiger can be tamed in a dream, the danger is averted for the time being. If the dream tiger is locked up in a cage or if you successfully fight it, this indicates that you will be able to control its instincts. The tiger in the dream can also be a sign of latent psychosis. Such a dream should therefore always be taken seriously and analyzed carefully. Women often dream of tigers. They are regularly afraid of this animal, but this beautiful animal as a dream symbol means nothing other than a longing for powerful love (sexuality and eroticism), but at the same time fear of such an experience. Fear also because the dreamer fears that, once awakened, the foreign power could run away with her. The same applies to the lion in a woman’s dream.


The tiger indicates a daring, proud, freedom-loving and fear-inspiring person.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: beware of a dangerous and strong enemy in your surroundings.
  • Killing one: you will catch a person in the act and settle the score with them.


  • Caution! The most primitive instincts are gaining the upper hand.
  • Seeing: a vengeful person will cause noticeable trouble.
  • Approaching: one feels pursued by enemies.
  • Being chased or attacked: one will suffer great harm from a vengeful person; a defeat will plunge one into a gloomy mood.
  • Being able to fend off an attack: one can hope for success in all endeavors.
  • Running away from one: one will overcome all obstacles and rise to a high position.
  • In a cage: one will thwart one’s adversaries.
  • Killing one: one will neutralize a vengeful person.
  • A tiger skin: one is on the path to luxury and prosperity.


  • see: an unknown enemy does not leave you in peace.

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