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The Dream Meanings of a Vampire

January 10, 2024


If great demands are made on the dreamer that he does not feel up to, a vampire may appear in the dream to ‘suck him dry’. The blood-sucking vampire is such a frightening creature that it is generally regarded as the embodiment of evil. Ancient Indian dream books understand it as a warning against one’s own good nature being exploited by others. The appearance of a vampire is also an expression of unbridled passions by which we are dominated and drained.


6 Until the 18th century, people in Russia, Silesia, Moravia and Hungary still believed in vampires. Vampires were said to be only apparently dead people who left their graves at night to drink other people’s blood. It was believed that vampires were unredeemed souls who were surprised by death before they could fulfill their mission in life and therefore could not find peace. However, vampirism has its origins in the Indian doctrine of reincarnation. As dream symbols, vampires and bats indicate dark, threatening thoughts and ideas of the dreamer. They are images of unprocessed and repressed emotional content which, as they are unknown to the dreamer, influence the conscious mind from the subconscious. The blood-sucking ghost of Slavic folk tales passes through our dreams as a monster (see there). Where the vampire, who incidentally also gave his name to a blood-sucking bat (see there), comes into our dreams, he stands for a person who wants to suck us dry – or in other words: anyone who sees the vampire in a dream allows himself to be taken advantage of in everyday life without really realizing it. The fear of emotional or sexual relationships can manifest itself in a dream about vampires. Since people are still afraid of the unknown, archetypal images that symbolize this fear can appear in dreams.


Life-threatening things are often embodied in dreams by a vampire. However, the dreamer himself could also be prone to fantasies about the world of evil, so that certain reservations are appropriate here.

Cultural Interpretations


  • seeing: be careful not to fall into the hands of usurers; also: one will be confronted with severe accusations by a friend,
  • being one yourself: one must not give in to passionate feelings in a love relationship under any circumstances.


  • negative meaning of vermin: primitive instincts, cold-heartedness; also: one should be wary of someone who wants to take advantage of them; also: one will marry for money and find that they have made a bad deal; also: money isn’t everything. Pay attention to other things before it’s too late.
  • you are very close to the danger of losing your fortune without fault and falling into misfortune,
  • seeing: there is a risk of falling into the nets of an exploiter,
  • being bitten or attacked by one: one must be wary of false friends,
  • fighting with one or killing one with a stake: one will defeat someone who harbors bad or harmful intentions towards them,
  • if a well-known acquaintance is the vampire: one should beware of this person’s intentions.


  • seeing: through your kindness, you will end up in need and misery,
  • you will be exploited.

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