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The Dream Meanings of Adam

January 22, 2024


Adam, as the progenitor of mankind, often appears in dreams as a symbol of physicality and sensuality (colloquially the ‘old Adam’), which is not sufficiently channeled by the consciousness, – then he is to be understood as a call to curb sensuality more and to promote the spiritual realm. Sometimes Adam also stands for one’s own father, for his positive or negative influence on personal development and for conflicts that burden the relationship with him. The exact analysis is only possible on an individual basis and will lead to deeper self-knowledge. It is generally regarded as a good omen if you meet one of our first parents, Adam or Eve, in a dream. If you speak to them or they speak to you, then this indicates some delays in the realization of your dreams. Therefore, be patient. The sight of Adam and Eve together is the happiest dream you can have.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing Adam and Eve: You will have great luck in love.


  • A very positive dream symbol: Seeing the (according to tradition) first man of humanity in a dream indicates that a wish will come true if you work a bit more on its realization. This symbol encourages the dreamer to take a more active and powerful role in shaping their own life. Although they believe in great ideals, they rarely seek to even come close to achieving them.


  • Seeing Adam and Eve in Paradise: Luck and profit,
  • Seeing Adam with a fig leaf and Eve with the snake around her hips and lower body: Deception and false beliefs influence their fate,
  • Hearing or seeing Eve talking with the snake: Cunning women will harm your wealth and reputation,
  • A young woman thinks she embodies Eve: Temptation by evil in the form of a young, attractive man, with a price to pay for failing to resist.

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