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The Dream Meanings of Alcohol / Booze

January 12, 2024


A symbol for heightened emotionality, lack of inhibition, the state of intoxication – and for a lack of perspective in the (necessary?) confrontation with current problems. If you dream of alcohol, you may have a need or a desire for a pleasurable experience or enjoyable influences. The dreamer has the means to change his perceptions. He can afford to go out of himself and abandon himself to the ‘flow of things’ that happen to him. As a ‘spiritual’ drink, alcohol often stands for the spiritual forces that determine behavior and action. In dreams it can express the need for more mental stimulation and living out repressed life possibilities, which may be hindered by too strict moral concepts (see ‘teetotaller’). The dreamer recognizes the possibilities that lie in emotional confusion and sees the clarity that can emerge from it. When the self-created limitations to which one submits in the waking state are removed, the breakthrough to one’s own truth often succeeds. Alcohol in dreams can symbolically give the dreamer permission to do this. Alcohol also removes inhibitions in dreams and allows us to commit acts that would be perceived as immoral in conscious life.Especially when one is ‘pleasantly tipsy’, this expresses the desire for uncontrolled pleasure, for intoxicating sensations (also sexual). This can indicate that the dreamer is looking at his problems in waking life too much from a rational point of view. He should therefore take a more relaxed approach to things. If you are completely drunk in a dream, you can expect that you will carelessly ignore the realities of life – you should look at everything much more soberly in order to perhaps still reach a desired goal. Whoever toasts many people in a dream and drinks with them is generally unstable in his emotional relationships and has something to make up for. Drinking with one or more people indicates that you have to establish an emotional relationship with this one or these people. Sometimes the dream symbol also specifically warns against drinking too much alcohol. The negative dream variant – one staggers helplessly drunk and feels at the mercy of others – symbolizes the fear of letting go of inhibitions, letting oneself fall, etc. – the ‘hangover’ (remorse) is expected as an unavoidable consequence. In general, frequent intoxication dreams indicate a tendency to avoid unpleasant situations – the harsh reality. You no longer want to ‘look at things so soberly’.


Alcohol as ‘spirit’ is the combination of opposites and means a change of consciousness.

Cultural Interpretations


  • General: One should consider whether they need to moderate their desires.
  • Buying: You will celebrate festivities.
  • Pouring: You will make new friendships.
  • Drinking: Someone is trying to deceive you, stay vigilant!


  • Drinking a small glass of alcohol: Soon, one will receive mental strength or the right intuition.
  • Drinking secretly: A desire for forbidden pleasures that bring discomforts.

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