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The Dream Meanings of an Owl

January 4, 2024

Medicine wheel

Keywords: Night flying,- silent,- good hearing,- messenger,- ancient knowledge,- strength,- femininity,- paradox,- magic,- mystery,- bringer of dreams,- wisdom,- eastern soul path. Description: In the medicine wheel, the owl is associated with the middle position of the eastern path of the soul and with wisdom. This nocturnal bird of prey flies silently and hears so well that it is often said to hunt by ear. People have long considered the owl to be a particularly symbolic bird and, like the raven, the owl embodies ambivalence. Some see the owl as a positive messenger, others fear it as the bearer of bad news. Owls and ravens were often associated with witches and witchcraft and some earth-loving tribes believed that witches could take the form of these birds. For other ancient peoples, the owl symbolizes the wisdom that originally lived in all earth religions. General meaning: Your deep wisdom,- your feminine attributes,- your intuition, your vulnerability and the power that can result from them,- magic, either black or white,- the mystery of the night and the unknown,- the mystery of silence,- paradox,- ambivalence. Association: Night owl – someone who likes to go to bed late. Transcendent meaning: understanding the unknown,- a messenger of magic or wisdom.


Owl has nothing to do with the hooting owl that is supposed to herald imminent death or misfortune. The owl is a nocturnal animal; unlike humans, it has excellent night vision and some things only emerge dimly from the darkness. This can be translated as the overly impulsive in us that robs us of our peace, possibly also the peace itself, the mental balance that we seek for our ego in a world full of dark hostilities. In dreams, it is a symbol that points to the dreamer’s wisdom, knowledge and supernatural powers of intuition. However, the owl is also often perceived as unsettling in dreams, in this context it points to the mystical power of love, death, the spirit and deep secrets. It can also stand for fear of sexuality or of the unconscious as a whole. The following circumstances are often important for understanding:
  • Seeing an owl can herald insights and revelations that may not always be pleasant.
  • Hearing an owl’s call suggests impending teachings that may be uncomfortable, sometimes interpreted as a message of death.
  • Keeping an owl in a cage indicates a sign of personal development and wisdom.


The owl stands for the desire for wisdom in order to see through the dark, as well as for the soul’s striving for spiritual concentration. The owl appears serious, thoughtful and wise.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: Through your wisdom, you will enhance your happiness.
  • Seeing many: One should not reject well-intentioned advice.
  • Hearing it call: Poverty, discontent, illness, or death may be imminent.
  • Catching it: Beware of eerie company.


  • Alongside its sexual symbolism, it signifies a calming image where passion contends with human intellect.
  • In general, it’s a sign of correctly assessing a personal situation and often indicates that we will soon understand an opaque matter.
  • Seeing: Indicates illness in a close person; you will receive instruction or face threats from enemies.
  • Seeing many: Advises not rejecting well-intentioned advice; valuable lessons will be learned.
  • Seeing it fly: Suggests conflict and family strife.
  • Hearing it scream: Implies a painful death or one’s own demise drawing near, causing a fright; often followed by unpleasant news from friends or relatives.
  • Catching or seeing it in a cage: Indicates the presence of eerie guests or company.
  • A dead one: Either oneself or someone close will narrowly escape death.


  • A bad omen: The owl is considered a harbinger of familial dissatisfaction for which the dreamer bears causal guilt. The dreamer should promptly assess and resolve the upcoming problems, possibly by offering apologies. (Man and woman )


  • Hearing it scream: You will attend a funeral.
  • Seeing: Danger is looming over you; be cautious!

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