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The Dream Meanings of Apples

January 27, 2024


The apple is a multi-faceted symbol found in myths and religions (for example, the expulsion from Paradise in the Bible) and can represent fertility, love, and temptation. According to Carl Gustav Jung, it is a symbol of life. Generally, it is often interpreted as the dreamer’s susceptibility to worldly, material things and serves as a warning against succumbing too easily to temptation. In the Old Testament, the apple stands as the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ which lets one discern good from evil, but this is only in the German translation. In the original text of the Bible, it’s simply referred to as ‘fruit’. For Mediterranean peoples, the pomegranate, fig, and quince are considered the forbidden fruits, while the apple is an ancient symbol of fertility (although the aforementioned fruits are also sometimes seen as symbols of fertility). In psychoanalysis, the apple is viewed as a typical sexual symbol, since its shape is very similar to the female breast, especially when only two apples appear in a dream. Therefore, in the dreams of younger people, the apple often has an erotic meaning; however, it is important to note whether the apple is ripe or unripe. When older people dream of apples, it can also be a sign of intellectual fertility. Eating an apple thus suggests a desire to acquire knowledge. The condition and color of the apples are important for interpretation, both positively and negatively.

  • In bright red, it’s a sign of love,
  • Between red and green, it symbolizes vigorous life.
  • Eating the apple hints at intimate love relationships between a man and a woman.
  • If the apple is worm-eaten, it raises doubts about a partner’s honesty, as the worm gnaws at Eros.
  • Rotten apples even put a love relationship entirely into question.


The apple blossom is a Chinese symbol of peace and beauty. On a spiritual level, an apple indicates a new beginning. Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of fertility and therefore an attribute of many gods.


The sight and eating of sweet, ripe summer apples is good – it means rich enjoyment of love, especially for those who are courting a wife or lover – because the apple is dedicated to Aphrodite (goddess of love). Sour apples, on the other hand, signify turmoil and quarrels, as they belong to Eris (goddess of discord). Winter apples, also known as quinces, bring sorrow because of their astringent effect.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing on a tree: signifies familial contacts,
  • Picking many from a tree: means joy, rich reward,
  • Picking one: you will soon experience romantic happiness,
  • Holding: you can expect good things,
  • Collecting: you are making good deals,
  • Eating sweet ones: joyful experiences, romantic pleasure,
  • Eating sour ones: sadness, false friends, disputes, and troubles,
  • Rotten: bad news, attributable only to spite,
  • Peeling: destruction of a fervent hope,
  • Cutting up: you will have to part from a dear friend or girlfriend,
  • Apple seeds: your work will soon bear fruit, and you will be free from worries,
  • Applesauce: you are misjudging something, be assured, what is happening is good for you.


  • Ripe and sweet apples are a good omen: Something will rightfully turn out for the better, likely indicating a significant financial gain or luck in matters of love.
  • Green or bitter apples, however, suggest that something will fall apart due to one’s own fault. One should be very careful with their words and actions in the coming days.
  • Generally, the “apple” tells the dreamer that they should pay better attention to their life and its entirety, as they are solely responsible for it. (Woman +)


  • Seeing a well-leafed one: satisfaction,
  • Blooming apple tree: upcoming joyful news that is significant for the entire life, business successes,
  • Apple tree before harvest: brilliant progression of business, good income,
  • Seeing many on a tree: you will gain many friends,
  • Seeing ripe apples on the tree: it’s time to put plans into action, also: some hopes will soon be fulfilled,
  • Seeing ripe apples alone, high in the treetops: warns against setting goals too high,
  • Picking: prosperity,
  • Seeing red apples with green leaves on a tree: favorable omen, picking and eating these: being responsible for a mishap,
  • Eating a beautiful red one: announces a pleasant romantic experience, for singles it means a new partner, for married individuals new joy in love,
  • Eating good ones, e.g., from a bowl: promises a long life, happiness, and success, marital bliss,
  • Biting into a sour one: one must inevitably deal with an unpleasant matter,
  • Seeing or eating worm-eaten ones: love problems, separation, gloom, and trouble,
  • Seeing worm-eaten ones on the ground: indicates false friends in your vicinity,
  • Seeing beautiful ones on the ground: shows missed opportunities,
  • Giving away: you will be pleased by gratitude,
  • Giving one to a woman: you will gain a new female friend,
  • Lying on the ground: indicates false friends in your vicinity,
  • Unripe or rotten: bad news, trouble, annoyance, and danger are imminent, hopeless ventures,
  • A golden one: you are now gaining self-awareness.


  • Picking from a tree: heralds success in life and joy, as well as everything will turn out well for you,
  • Eating: you will receive reciprocated love, a sign of luck in love,
  • Peeling: your hopes and expectations will be disappointed, but your courage will help you through,
  • Receiving: try to reconcile with your enemy,
  • Giving away: you are too accommodating and people will want to take advantage of you,
  • Dividing: you will have to leave a loved one,
  • Collecting: you will find consolation in your business,
  • Rotten: don’t be upset about people who are not open with you,
  • Rotten, worm-eaten apples warn against false friends, separation from a loved one, or similar sorrows.

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