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The Dream Meanings of Bats

January 10, 2024

Medicine Wheel

Keywords: adaptable,- omnivorous,- fast,- shadow,- night. Description: The bat, a warm-blooded mammal, resembles a mouse with wings. It hangs itself up by its long, narrow tail to sleep and generally only flies at night. After rodents, bats are the most numerous of all mammals and are also the only mammals that can actually fly. They play an important role in people’s imagination, inspiring fear in some and wonder in others. General meaning: messenger, guide,- shadow side of the self,- fear,- wonder. Association: vampire, bloodsucker. Transcendent meaning: A messenger of either black or white magic,- quick-change artist,- gift of wonder, understanding of fear.


Because bats are considered fear-inducing animals in popular belief, a bat in a dream indicates that the dreamer is tormented by unconscious fears. A bat stands for all physical and mental-spiritual processes that take place without the control of the conscious mind – this can mean the fear of unconscious contents. It shoots at us unexpectedly out of the night and brings with it restlessness and horror – translated: our mental balance is disturbed, we feel persecuted and should therefore seriously investigate the anxiety. Bats are nocturnal animals,- the aspect of darkness or eclipse can therefore be significant for such a dream. In dreams, the bat has a similar meaning to the owl. However, it lacks the spiritual, wise and far-sighted aspect. As a dream image, it rather embodies the instinctive emotions of the dreamer. One should strive for more self-knowledge and harmony. But it could also stand for blindness (of what?) or an instinctive sense of direction.


On a spiritual level, a bat in a dream can express both uncertainty and spiritual ambiguity.


The bat brings good luck to pregnant women – because it does not lay eggs like other birds, but gives birth to live young, has milk in its breasts and raises its young. If anyone traveling by sea or land sees one of these birds, they will be caught in a violent storm or fall among the predators. If these birds nest in the house, it will become completely desolate.

Cultural Interpretations


  • seeing a bat: brings misfortune and sorrow into the house; also: fear of incurring debts; also contains a warning to be less fickle and not to exploit others,
  • seeing it fly: your endeavors will not have a successful outcome,
  • catching it: complicated business conclusion.


  • In this symbol, it depends on how one feels upon seeing it in a dream. If the sight of a bat frightens the dreamer, they should handle their affairs with greater discretion. If the bat does not instill fear, they will soon receive a profitable proposal. In general, the symbol suggests that the dreamer should listen inwardly and pay more attention to their inner voice.


  • foretell worries and deprivations; predict a dire fate, grief, and disasters are imminent; the death of parents or close friends may follow, as well as the loss of eyesight or limbs,
  • seeing a bat: signifies a fickle mind, uncertain ventures, inconstancy; advises not to exploit others,
  • seeing many: indicates good business progress despite fear of debts,
  • seeing a white one: considered a certain symbol of death; often followed by the death of a child,
  • being attacked by them: bad thoughts due to slander from others,
  • catching [one]: indicates an imminent improvement in circumstances; for the sick, it means speedy recovery.

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