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The Dream Meanings of Blackbirds

January 27, 2024

Medicine Wheel

Keywords: The shadow,- the femininity,- the emptiness,- magical. Description: Blackbird is the name of a species of bird with a sharp, narrow beak. Some blackbirds are a shimmering black color. Some have other colors on their wings or head, the most common being yellow or red. These birds can often be seen near water. General meaning: The shadow part of your nature – exploration of your feminine being. Association: Of black skin color. Transcendent meaning: Entering the void,- receiving the gift of magic, which can be used for good or ill.


A blackbird sometimes represents the female side of the psyche.


The aping blackbird describes jugglers and guys who know all the tricks.

Cultural Interpretations


  • seeing and hearing sing: harbinger of a sad message (due to the black plumage),
  • hearing only singing: making pleasant acquaintances, receiving joyful news.


  • Blackbird: signifies a desire for something specific in life and dissatisfaction with not having or being it,
  • Seeing or hearing singing: a sign of a joyful message or a joyful event,
  • Seeing flying: indicates that one will need to show great practical or moral courage in the future,
  • Seeing several together: suggests that one’s life situation is likely to improve,
  • Sometimes the blackbird is considered a harbinger of death, but this should not be given too much importance.

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