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The Dream Meanings of Books

January 8, 2024


Interpreted as the ‘Book of Life,’ the content sometimes reflects parallels to one’s own life, with the dreamer seeking on a cognitive level the means and ways in their dream to cope with what is happening in their life. In dreams, the quest for knowledge and the ability to learn from the experiences and opinions of others are symbolized by books and libraries. Both represent wisdom and spiritual awareness. Often, the following accompanying circumstances are also significant:
  • A book stands for memories, experiences, and insights that life has imprinted on us.
  • If the title of the book is recognizable in the dream, it can assist in further individual interpretation and provide insight into one’s own mental attitude.
  • Reading in a book may indicate that one should pay more attention to their experiences.
  • If one struggles in vain to grasp what is read, they are dealing with problems that are not easily solved.
  • Purchasing a book promises future successes because one will learn from experience.
  • Reading a serious book should indicate that one will gain more respect.
  • Writing a book oneself can point to dissatisfaction in one’s career and a desire for professional changes.
  • If a dream involves account books, it directs the dreamer’s attention to the need to take care of their resources.
  • If a novel appears, then it is a hint towards alternative perspectives. The type of novel plays a role. For instance, a historical novel may require the dreamer to explore their past, while a romance novel is an invitation to reflect on relationships.
  • The color of the cover can be important for interpretation (see under ‘Colors’). For example, a purple book may indicate a lack of self-confidence.
  • A white book can indicate that one is laying the foundation for a successful venture.


A book – especially a holy book, such as the Bible or the Koran – symbolizes secret or sacred knowledge. If a dream is about this, then it can express the need to look into the realm of sacred knowledge or to reassure oneself that one is on the right path.


A book signifies the life of the dreamer – for people pass through books just as they pass through life – and the memory of past events, because the deeds of past times are recorded in books. The consumption of books brings benefit to educators, sophists and all those who earn their daily bread through speeches or books – to all other people it prophesies sudden death. A man who lived in a foreign country dreamed that he was building a house and a hearth there and instead of stones he was smearing his books with clay, but then he changed his mind, tore everything down and stopped building. He fell seriously ill, was in extreme danger, but barely escaped with his life. House and hearth symbolize his goal in life and thus death, but as he did not finish it, he remained alive.

Cultural Interpretations


  • seeing: distraction,
  • on the table, open: seek advice from a good friend,
  • on the table, closed: you will be rejected,
  • holding: you have secrets,
  • seeing oneself read or buying one: you will learn interesting news,
  • reading something useful or learning from it: business improvement,
  • writing: great effort and little reward,
  • burning: deceived hopes,
  • dealing with many books: fear of being mentally overwhelmed.


  • A book is a good message. It points to a content daily life and ongoing progress. We should be curious and think about the connections in life. It also encourages us to seek and cultivate the intellectual and spiritual values of life more. (Woman and Men)


  • When it comes to books, the title is important; it may sometimes be ‘The Book of Life’,
  • Generally: signifies peaceful and happy times that will soon arrive,
  • Books on a shelf in an office indicate a prestigious position,
  • Sitting amidst many books or wandering in a large library: unconscious fear of intellectual overload or too much stress,
  • Reading philosophical books: honor and wisdom,
  • Reading good books: means you will possess luck, proficiency, and wisdom in your actions,
  • Studying in them: means great honors are destined for you, something new emerges from all the memories and insights,
  • Learning from them: you will gain respect,
  • Inheriting: loss of a friend,
  • Reading a novel: joy,
  • Writing a book: dissatisfaction in professional life, a desire to rewrite one’s ‘life script’,
  • Buying: you will experience something new, it brings benefit to yourself and others,
  • Receiving as a gift: a pleasant message,
  • Seeing being bound: your wealth will increase,
  • Seeing being burned: you will lose friends,
  • If an author sees his books being printed, he will have difficulties in publishing them,
  • Investing a lot of time and effort in solving complicated subjects and the deeper meaning of great works: a sign of well-deserved honors,
  • Watching children read books: stands for harmony and well-behaved children,
  • Seeing old books: warns against evil things of all kinds.

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