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The Dream Meanings of Buffalos

January 6, 2024


The bull is clearly a symbol of male sexuality and power. If he trots through your nightmares, you are afraid of your own (lived) sexuality – or that of your partner. Buffalo also warns against too much impetuous energy and drive – you should think carefully before you act, otherwise you will easily make enemies and fail due to rashness and blind zeal. Only sometimes does the buffalo describe the individual’s ability to learn (‘buffaloing’).

Cultural Interpretations


  • Sign of significant gain.
  • Witnessing a bull: anticipate substantial support coming your way.


  • When a bull crosses your path: warns of powerful but unintelligent adversaries blocking your way—smart strategy can avert the worst.
  • If a woman kills many buffaloes: she embarks on a daring venture, displaying strong willpower to earn men’s recognition, potentially realizing long-cherished desires.


  • Requires careful consideration followed by decisive action.

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