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The Dream Meanings of Clock/ Watch

January 28, 2024


The symbol of the clock always symbolizes transience, impermanence and further development. If it makes a special appearance in a dream, it wants to draw the dreamer’s attention to making good use of his time and seizing opportunities that present themselves. If the dreamer is constantly looking at his watch in a dream, he fears that he will not be able to fulfill his duties properly and feels overwhelmed by the expectations placed on him. If you hear a clock ticking in your dream, you should make an effort to fulfill your duties consistently. If it breaks in a dream, disastrous times lie ahead. The golden clock can warn of deception and fraud.


When a clock appears in a dream, it alerts the dreamer to the passing of time. Perhaps they need to focus more on their time management or their duties; perhaps they should also realize that there is a certain urgency in what they are doing. If the clock is stopped, it signifies the end of a life phase. Often, in dreams, the clock is the life clock, translating the fear that life may be passing too quickly. Pay attention to the hands of the clock and the time they indicate to learn more details. If it’s close to midnight, the unconscious might be signaling that a matter, possibly currently at hand, needs to be dealt with promptly. It could also relate to life stages indicated by the clock in the dream. In a dream about a clock, the hands might point to numbers important to the dreamer. If an alarm clock rings in the dream, it warns the dreamer of a danger. Notice if the clock shows the correct time or is fast or slow (one often has a feeling for this in dreams). Stopped clocks often suggest that one should take a break.

  • Wristwatch: In a dream, a wristwatch symbolizes the time one carries around with them. This dream symbol is a common symbol for internalized time pressure.
  • Station clock: The station clock in a dream suggests that one is always on the go and hence feels rushed. It may also indicate that it’s high time for a necessary change.
  • Digital clock: The digital clock in a dream represents a technical clock that points to an alienated attitude towards time. Time is no longer experienced as a process.
  • Egg timer: In a dream, an egg timer refers to short intervals of time. This may be a hint that one should plan their time more precisely, in smaller segments.
  • Church clock: The church clock in a dream is a large clock that, from the church tower, oversees and dominates the lives of the residents. At the same time, it refers to spirituality and thus the inner rhythm. This dream symbol appears when pointing out the discrepancy between externally determined time and inner rhythm.
  • Pendulum clock: In a dream about a pendulum clock, the focus is usually on the swing of the pendulum. This dream symbol indicates that there are ups and downs.
  • Hourglass: In a dream, an hourglass usually refers to the ‘good old times’.
  • Wall clock: The symbolism of a wall clock in a dream is related to the space where it is located. It governs the time in this space, which may be an internal space or area of the dreamer.
  • Alarm clock: An alarm clock or alarm clock in a dream almost always indicates that one should finally wake up. It means that one should go through life with more consciousness. This represents the fight against sleep in the sense of Gurdjieff.


On a spiritual level, a clock symbolizes the knowledge of age and time.


The clock signifies actions, undertakings, movements and the commencement of business: Everything that people do is done in relation to the hours. That is why it is bad and disastrous, especially for the sick, when a clock breaks down or breaks. It is always better to count the hours before noon than after it.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: You should not be late.
  • Seeing a large one: Indicates a tight schedule.
  • Made of gold: You will have envious people around you.
  • Just before twelve: One will be faced with an important decision.
  • The big hand moves quickly around the dial: Dissatisfaction with the current course of life.
  • Receiving as a gift: Recovery from an illness.
  • Hearing it strike: Punctuality is highly recommended.
  • Winding: You will be reminded of a promise you made; also: you are given more time; also: a new phase of life has begun.
  • Adjusting: You are in love and have a date.
  • Setting back: Do not postpone an important matter any longer.
  • Stops: A great shock awaits you.
  • Stopped: You will miss the best moment to execute your intention.
  • Dropping: Illness and sorrow.


  • Symbol for the fear that life is passing too quickly – also serves as a reminder to use time wisely.
  • Hearing it strike: One is faced with an important decision in life.
  • Seeing: Signals the approach of a decisive moment.
  • Seeing a stopped one: Indicates an unexpected end of a situation or a close acquaintance.
  • Just before twelve: One will now be faced with an important decision and should not hesitate.
  • If the big hand moves too quickly: Dissatisfaction with the current life.
  • Winding: A new phase of life begins now.


  • Winding: You will have a favorable reception; a rendezvous.
  • Golden: There is an intention to steal from you.
  • Breaking: You will be despised.
  • Hearing it strike: Time is money for you.
  • Stopped: A death at a distance.

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