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The Dream Meanings of Colors

January 11, 2024


Please consider the following guidance that general color symbolism is often overlaid by personal preferences and aversions toward specific colors. Also, not universally considered are the various color shades, degrees of saturation, and brightness levels. It can generally be said that lighter colors are interpreted as cheerful, carefree, and sometimes conscious, even if this is a cliché. Today, every symbol – and so each color – carries ambivalent, double-edged messages. With saturated colors, the symbolism is more clearly and emphatically expressed than with unsaturated colors. Colors broken by black or white express a disturbance or refinement that relates to the symbolism of the respective color. Mixed colors almost always have meanings composed of the components of the individual colors. Thus, the color symbolism of violet comes from the meaning of red, representing blood and ‘heart’, and blue, symbolizing the soul, culminating in the meaning of emotional passion, among others. Below, you will find the symbolic meaning of the most important colors appearing in dreams. Since colors typically do not represent archetypes, this symbolic meaning is only applicable to dreamers from our Western culture. In Asian and some African cultures, colors are experienced differently than in our cultural area. Primary colors indicate unbroken, original energies, while secondary colors refer to differentiated or mixed energies. The color of a dream symbol can play a significant role. In the spectrum of the rainbow, yellow, orange, and red are warm, active colors, and blue, indigo, and violet are cold, passive colors. Green is a synthesis of warm and cold. White light contains all colors. Colors can have standalone significance in dreams, but they are often only understood in the context of other symbols. Since colors appear in many nuances, brightness, and saturation levels, they are an ideal medium to express feelings, emotional temperaments, and temperatures. In a colorfully dreamt symbol, the emotional mood of the symbol is expressed with the color. Dreaming of your girlfriend in a red, white, or black dress, for example, makes a significant difference. Some colors are discussed separately under the corresponding keyword. The following are particularly noteworthy:

  • White can symbolize a woman, innocence, immaturity, or the impoverishment of emotional life. White represents power and the reflection of the absolute. White appears both as an aggressive ‘color’ and as the color of innocence. As a dream color, remember that white is easily soiled. The relevant dream image might be about cleansing something or, conversely, tarnishing it.
  • Black often symbolizes the man, but also the dark, unconscious sides of the personality, which are often feared. Black is the ‘color’ of darkness. It is the color of creativity, as everything is born from the dark.
  • Black and White refer the dreamer to the integration of his inner opposites.
  • Gray, like Green, refers to the mixture of light and darkness, but Green is associated with life, Gray more with death. Gray is often seen as a boring color. Gray is the typical ‘color’ of the shadow, meaning the unconscious.
  • Beige is an inconspicuous and sometimes boring color. It often symbolizes convention, but also everyday life, in dreams…
  • Red is the color of the combative Mars, personifying fire and liveliness. It also symbolizes royal or imperial power, courage, and passion, as well as childishness, anger, hatred, and cruelty. In dreams, red emphasizes the physical aspect, activity, joy, passion, and love. Bright red is associated with emotional warmth and sincere affection. Dark red represents energy and driving forces, passions, and desires that dominate a person.
  • Cherry red: This striking red is the color of eroticism and sexuality in dreams. Ideally, the kissing lips are cherry red.
  • Pink in a dream points to regressive longings, refined (refined or over-refined) needs, and the desire for or resistance to lightness in love and passion.
  • Orange indicates immature idealism and a lot of enthusiasm. Orange represents the warm pole of the spectrum and thus also compassion. This is why Buddhist monks often wear orange robes. In dreams, orange symbolizes joy of life and emotional warmth.
  • Dark orange-red may indicate the cynicism of a disappointed, bitter person.
  • Yellow is not only a sign of envy and jealousy but also of vitality, a need for harmony, and a sense of justice. Yellow is the color of the Roman god Apollo. It is the sun’s color and that of communication (today, the color of the post in some countries). Yellow symbolizes generosity, cleverness, intellect – wisdom, but also betrayal. Yellow is proverbially associated with envy. A yellow dream symbol always emphasizes the mental aspect, indicating freedom and expansion. A dirty yellow might highlight the negative aspects of this color, but it often indicates that a certain danger associated with the color’s theme has been recognized.
  • Green embodies a strong connection to nature and spiritual-mental growth. Dark green can stand for aversions up to disgust and
    Depending on how you deal with the colors in the dream, how they are used, the following meanings are also possible:


  • Mixing or stirring colors indicates business success; however, if it involves watercolors, one must carefully consider some risks.
  • Buying colors often suggests a monotonous life and the need for more variety, which should be pursued.
  • Working with colors (painting) often warns against false expectations and hopes, but it may also warn against dishonesty towards others, which will ultimately turn against oneself.
  • Painting oneself indicates that one exposes oneself to ridicule, deception, and lies. Painting someone else suggests that one should not mock or deceive another person.
  • Painting a car or house (see under these keywords) can only be interpreted based on the meaning of these symbols and the chosen colors; this provides information about the current life situation and future development.
  • Colors in a box, according to old interpretations, promise financial gains and prosperity.


Colors explain physical experiences that can make essential statements about the emotional state of the dreamer. According to some dream researchers, people who dream in color have more temperament than those who see everything in black and white. Those who handle colors want to cover up something they dislike. Almost all dreams occur in color, but the dreamer may not always consciously remember them. In dreams, as in reality, colors are often used as signals; thus, if a color stands out particularly strongly in a dream, it means that the subconscious wants to convey a specific message. Colors have a healing effect. When they appear in dreams, they can provide important clues about illness and healing. They mean specifically:

  • Blue: This is the color of the clear, blue sky. It is the primary healing color and refers to relaxation, sleep, and peacefulness.
  • Brown: The color of the earth, death, and commitment.
  • Yellow: It is closest to daylight. The color is associated with the emotional self; its properties are thinking, distance, and judgment.
  • Gray: There is debate over the actual properties of this color; generally, humility and care are associated with it.
  • Green: This is the color of balance and harmony. It represents nature and the life of plants.
  • Magenta: This color connects the material and the spiritual. It symbolizes renunciation, selflessness, perfection, and meditative practice.
  • Orange: It is an essentially cheerful, uplifting color; associated with cheerfulness and independence.
  • Red: Expressiveness, strength, energy, life, sexuality, and power are attributed to this color.
  • If the color in the dream is not in its pure state, it means that the properties are also not in their strongest manifestation.
  • Black: This color potentially contains all colors. It indicates expression, negativity, and judgment.
  • Turquoise: The clear, greenish-blue symbolizes the liberated soul in some religions. It stands for calmness and honesty.
  • Violet: This color is too intense for some people; it signifies dignity, respect, and hope. Its goal is edification.
  • White: The color that contains all colors within itself. It refers to innocence, spiritual purity, and wisdom.


Color confirms the existence of light – on a spiritual level this means: Red is the color of self-image and sexuality, orange represents relationship – with self and others. Yellow is the emotional self, green stands for self-awareness, blue symbolizes self-expression and wisdom, indigo is the color of creativity and violet represents cosmic responsibility.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing in very bright light: experiencing joy.
  • Distinctly colorful dreams suggest a long life.
  • Painting with it: useful things will occupy you.
  • Applied: you will have a lot of variety, luck.
  • Working with it: deceptive hopes.
  • Applying or seeing a dyer: someone will try to tarnish your reputation.
  • Beautiful: long life.
  • Black, white, violet: are colors of death.
  • Colors in a box: profit and wealth.
  • Rubbing: good business progress.


  • A mix of different colors foretells success and security.
  • If a color stands out particularly in a dream, then blue represents freedom, black signifies troubles, brown for social success, green for the approach of good news, pink for love, and gray for hardship. Red suggests slowing down the pace of life, while yellow advises more calmness and prudence. It’s important to see the colors in close relation to the other symbols of the dream.


  • Color symbolism is almost always associated with sexual passions, with black and white (as male and female) being the extremes; various shades lie in between, representing arbitrariness that can easily victimize one.
  • White: is the sign of purity and innocence, cold, unfinished, virgin; also favorable, especially in matters concerning other people, like public relations.
  • Black: mourning, sorrow, night, unsettling; also signals greater efforts before success is achieved.
  • Red: anger and conflict, vice, rage, devil, sexual.
  • Scarlet: is a warning against quarrel.
  • Purple: means pleasant news from an unexpected source.
  • Green: stands for good hopes, awakening, undecided; also foretells a journey or business with people in far-off places.
  • Blue: suggests loyalty, alignment, adaptation, gentleness, prosperity through others.
  • Yellow: announces envy, intuition.
  • Orange: one should not expect significant changes in their affairs for a while.
  • Brown: sorrow.
  • Gray: creates despair.
  • Holding a brush: signifies satisfaction with current life.
  • Painting with it: one will be lied to.
  • Painting one’s face with it: one will make a fool of themselves.
  • Painting another’s face: one should not mock another.
  • Painting an object: being not entirely honest with a friend.
  • Coloring a vehicle: a surprise is imminent, see respective color.
  • Rubbing: means good business progress.
  • Buying: longing for variety.
  • Having in a container: promises a full cash register.
  • Preparing watercolor for painting: one will engage in an uncertain matter.
  • Using oil paints: one will secure their situation.
  • Seeing flags or decorations in many bright colors: success in all enterprises.
  • Freshly painted houses: achieving success with a plan.
  • Having on clothing: thoughtless criticism from others will make one unhappy.


  • Red: if you love, do so with all your heart.
  • White: the honor of your bride should be sacred to you.
  • Yellow: do not believe that your jealousy will achieve your goal.
  • Blue: your loyalty will find its reward.
  • Green: you can hope.
  • Black: a separation is imminent for you.
  • Working with it: do not indulge in deceptive hopes.
  • In a box: you will attain wealth through profit.

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