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The Dream Meanings of Crows

January 5, 2024

Medicine wheel

Keywords: omnivorous,- cawing,- cunning,- group-oriented,- birds of balance,- symbol of ambivalence,- connection with rain,- connection with people,- magic,- sorcery,- power,- moon of the flying ducks. Description: The raven, in the medicine wheel the totem animal of those born under the Moon of Flying Ducks (September 23 to October 23), is a completely black bird with a wedge-shaped tail that can grow as large as the red-tailed hawk. The raven is a larger relative of the crow and magpie and prefers to live in forests, while the other two bird species are not as fussy. Ravens are found all over the world. They make a loud cawing sound and are omnivorous. Although ravens can sometimes be aggressive, cunning is their primary characteristic. They are intelligent and group-oriented birds that will fiercely defend their territory if necessary.The raven was held in high esteem, especially by the gypsies, because of its loyalty to its tribe. It is said that ravens even hold tribal council meetings. Other earth-loving peoples believed that the raven was a link between man and nature. Many tribes have stories about why the raven is black. They all start with the fact that the raven was originally a white bird whose color changed either because it made a misstep or because it supported man. The raven is a bird associated with witches and witchcraft. It also represents the wisdom of ancient earth religions. General meaning: An exploration of community and relationship,- the ability to take to the skies and immediately drop back down,- seeking balance,- magic,- sorcery,- power. Association: evil omen,- pitch-black thoughts,- bird of death. Transcendent meaning: gift of true balance.


Raven is interpreted as a harbinger of misfortune and failure, but also as a symbol of wisdom. Sometimes it expresses the threat from the unconscious through its repressed contents, sometimes also the fear of death. When a flock of ravens flies out of a tree, it indicates danger, but one can still escape in time.


As a dream symbol, the bird of death from mythology is a warning sign that warns us to replace dark thoughts with light ones, to turn back on the path of life we have taken so far, which could lead us to nowhere. In popular belief, on the other hand, it is regarded as a bird of the soul. If a raven appears in a dream, this is a sign that the dreamer is having unhappy thoughts. The black bird flies through our dreams as the unlucky raven, as the dark thought that piercingly threatens our ego.


The raven is clever and resourceful, but usually a bad luck charm.


You must interpret life in two ways, one as wealth and possessions, the other as life itself. A rich woman dreamed that three ravens approached her and looked at her boldly; one of them even made a sound and said, ‘I will kill you. They circled the ravens three times and then flew up and away. Quite naturally and logically, the woman died after nine days, for ‘I will finish you off’ meant ‘I will get you out of the way’, that is, ‘I will kill you’. By circling her three times, the three ravens announced the nine-day period.

Cultual Interpretations


  • general: Harbinger of impending doom, even catastrophes – immediate danger to life,
  • seeing sitting: Experience various kinds of unpleasantness,
  • seeing flying: you will receive a mourning message,
  • flying around the house: death in the family,
  • in the field: you will be protected from harm,
  • seeing stealing: you will experience extreme fear for your life,
  • flying above you: a message of misfortune,
  • scaring away: you will uncover fraud or theft – also, your time has not come, do not be hasty,
  • flying away: a turning point towards the good,
  • hearing them scream: you will barely escape an impending danger – misfortune – mishap – also, due to infidelity, a rift with the partner threatens,
  • eating: a disaster has occurred,
  • shooting: you can avert a disaster in time,
  • killing: you bring about your own misfortune,
  • raven carrion: you are dealing with malicious individuals.


  • a symbol of very dark thoughts – warns of internal, repressed urges,
  • seeing one: signifies trouble and conflicts, the threat of theft or embezzlement – must anticipate a turning point or unrest,
  • seeing several ravens: heralds misfortune,
  • being surrounded by them or seeing them settle: indicates danger to life,
  • scaring them away: a significant danger can still be averted at the right moment if one remains vigilant,
  • seeing them take flight: one can timely avoid an impending failure,
  • hearing them scream: foretells bad news,
  • He can inform a young woman about her lover’s infidelity.


  • hearing them scream: you will experience harm and loss,
  • seeing: misfortune in the stable,
  • sitting on a tree: a death in the vicinity.

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