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The Dream Meanings of Diamonds

January 11, 2024

Medicine Wheel

Keywords: commitment,- greed,- hardness. Description: Diamonds, consisting of crystalline, pure carbon, are the hardest substance known. In cut form, as brilliants, they break the light into its components. They are mined in various places around the world. In the past, although not as sought after as today, they were associated with lightning and were said to give a person both strength and courage. General meaning: fear of change,- hardness,- greed,- the desire or fear to make a commitment. Association: An object or person of great value or hardness,- the term “rough diamond in the rough” for someone whose outstanding abilities have yet to be developed. Transcendent meaning: gift of strength,- revelation of the measure of your courage.


Diamond has a similar meaning to brilliant, jewel and jewelry. The purest, hardest and most valuable gemstone acts as a symbol of psychic wholeness – the unity of the conscious mind with the subconscious. The dream can therefore be interpreted very positively. It often describes clear thoughts that concentrate on success in life, a firm attitude towards people who want to soften us up. The uncut diamond points to positive values such as self-confidence, self-control and controlled emotions. If the dream continues to provide information about how the diamond can be obtained, this is extremely favorable. However, if the dreamer loses a diamond or brilliant in the dream, this indicates the loss of something important. Dreams of cut diamonds are often connected with personal relationships. The many facets of gemstones can indicate the need to look at a relationship problem from many angles – or to examine the individual aspects rather than the wholeness of the relationship.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Uncut: Illness and hardship, false luck.
  • Polished: Success and recognition.
  • Finding a polished one: indicates reciprocated love; also: after great worries, sudden great luck.
  • Wearing a polished one: being honored.
  • Eating: Luck, wealth.
  • Collecting: False hope.
  • Possessing: Deception.


  • Seeing polished ones: signifies peace of mind and a bright, happy future.
  • Uncut ones: be frugal and not reckless in spending money, as financial shortage looms.
  • Bring luck, except when stolen from the dead; then friends will reveal your unreliability.
  • Wearing: announces the highest happiness.
  • Receiving as a gift: indicates loyalty and noble friendship.
  • Owning several: prosperity.
  • Possessing diamonds: a very favorable dream; accumulation of great honors and high social recognition is foreseen.
  • Eating diamonds: success and well-being.
  • For a young woman whose lover gives her diamonds, a magnificent, honorable match is successful, making her relatives very proud; however, if she loses the diamonds and cannot find them, it’s a very unfavorable omen: disgrace, poverty, and death are foretold in this way.
  • For a vivacious woman who sees diamonds, a long happy time with valuable gifts is ahead; a speculator can land successful transactions.


  • Look around you, someone is watching your actions and behavior.

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