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The Dream Meanings of Dishes / Tableware

January 19, 2024


Dishes usually symbolize the relationship to other people and often express that one behaves awkwardly, clumsily, shyly or clumsily. Broken crockery is traditionally seen as a symbol of good luck, but perhaps also warns of quarrels.


All types of dishware carry food and should first be interpreted in relation to the specific food they contain. The shape – whether square or round, open or closed – is important. Again, it is important to consider the material of the dishware in the dream. Porcelain and glass are fragile, with glass adding the element of transparency. Stoneware is heavy and more stable. Also, pay attention to whether the dishware is fancy or simple. What does its decoration or color symbolize? Washing dishes in a dream indicates being in an unclear situation, where things can slip out of hand. Fortunate changes in the family area are suggested when we buy new dishware, perhaps because we have broken the old ones – thus, broken pieces bring luck! Glass: Glass, like the cup and the jug, holds liquids, only it is transparent. This often suggests that one should make their emotional content transparent – in rare cases, it can also mean the opposite, that one is showing their emotional content too clearly. Jug: The jug holds liquids and thus symbolizes feelings. It gives shape to feelings, just like the cup and the glass. This dream symbol is about shaping one’s own feelings, particularly about taking emotional needs into one’s own hands, that is, to grasp and start doing something with them. Bowl: The bowl is, among other things, a common female symbol due to its roundness. It depends on what you imagine the bowl can be filled with. See this as an indication of your receptivity. Cup: The cup usually contains a hot liquid like coffee or tea. Here we find passion, the hot feeling addressed. Plate: The significance of the plate is determined by what it carries, how it is decorated, and what material it is made of. Is it dirty or clean? Have you eaten everything on your plate? That is, do you internalize what is presented to you? Do you eat what is put on the table?

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing kitchenware: indicates domestic strife; an unexpected visit from an old acquaintance will bring trouble.
  • For single people, seeing kitchenware: suggests hope for an upcoming engagement.
  • Made of tin: signifies making a good match in marriage.
  • Buying: indicates an impending marriage.
  • Seeing breaking: signifies luck in all aspects of life.
  • Seeing broken kitchenware: disputes with unknown people.
  • Breaking it yourself: an unfortunate accident; leads to arguments; your clumsiness will result in losses.
  • Washing: fulfilling one’s duties is problematic; also, your circumstances will become orderly.


  • (For harnessing animals): promises good business with some diligence.
  • (Cookware): generally indicates gossip.
  • Handling others carefully or recklessly and thereby easily breaking things.
  • Seeing: domestic discord.
  • For singles, seeing a lot of dishes: a wedding is soon to occur.
  • Buying new: indicates an increase in family size.
  • Seeing dirty: signifies worries in household matters.
  • Washing: harmony in love and friendship.
  • Deliberately smashing: family disputes and arguments, behaving like ‘a bull in a china shop.’
  • Breaking oneself: signifies luck.
  • Seeing breakage: foretells strife in the family or many troubles.
  • Seeing broken: you will lose friends.
  • Having metal dishes: indicates good circumstances, also a wealthy marriage.
  • Golden (both eating utensils and carriage equipment, etc.): wealth.


  • Metallic: you will make a wealthy marriage.
  • Breaking: avoid conflict.

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