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The Dream Meanings of Dragons

January 6, 2024


Every person possesses a courageous side to confront dangerous conflicts, a necessity for the dreamer to overcome the lower aspects of their being and access inner sources. The dragon in dreams symbolizes this conflict. The positive aspect of dragon dreams is the triumph over the inner beast. The battle with the dragon signifies the dreamer’s rebellion against oneself and their emotions. The dragon may appear in dreams as the traditional mythical creature or in the modern guise of machines like excavators and tanks. In fairy tales, the dragon often guards the maiden. Dreaming of fighting a dragon may symbolize the struggle with one’s animalistic sexual nature, generally representing an internal battle with oneself or an unknown aspect of the psyche. Its appearance demands the dreamer to work on passions and chaotic thoughts. The dream dragon can also symbolize the emotionally cold, self-centered, calculating side of the dreamer. In general, the dream dragon symbolizes the devouring and threatening aspect of the feminine.
  • A dragon is a complex, universal, archetypal symbol of primal, cold-blooded vitality.
  • It is considered fearsome yet manageable.
  • In China, a dragon (as a mythical creature) is considered a symbol of luck, but in Western interpretations, it is often viewed negatively.
  • Oftentimes, it indicates a materialistic mindset in dreams, neglecting emotional and intellectual needs, partially linked to ruthless egotism. Such attitudes should be changed as soon as possible.
  • According to Artemidorus, the dragon is associated with wealth, treasures, and a high-profile personality from whom one expects support. A repulsive dragon, according to the Greek dream interpreter, signifies serious dangers, while a turning-away dragon suggests an unfortunate turn in life.
  • The dragon (typically female) is often portrayed as the rejecting mother, akin to the archetype of the Raven Mother who rejects her child.
  • Historically, dream interpretation took dragons literally – the fire-breathing mythical creature symbolized an evil woman (or mother-in-law), representing the household dragon.


On a spiritual level, the dragon stands for the female side of humanity that has been subjugated by patriarchy. It must not be met with struggle, but with love.


Because of its power and strength, the dragon means a king (the Greek word drakon means snake, but also dragon, lindworm). The Greek word drakon means serpent, but also dragon, lindworm. Also in Achmet (228,9) the dragon is a symbol of the king), furthermore – because of the length of its body – time and because it sheds its old skin and rejuvenates itself again, – because time also changes with the seasons, – furthermore it means wealth and money, because it guards treasures, and all the gods to whom it is sacred. These are: Zeus, Sabazios, Helios, Demeter and Kore, Hecate, Asclepius and the heroes. If he approaches, gives or speaks something and makes his goodness known through his tongue, he promises great blessing from or through the named, – in the opposite case he brings disaster. If he wraps or binds someone, he prophesies (entanglements) and fetters, the sick will perish and almost brings them under the earth – he himself is a child of the earth and dwells in the earth. Dragons that turn into men are heroes, those that turn into women are heroines. A woman who became pregnant dreamed that she had given birth to a dragon.The son she bore became an outstanding and renowned orator, for the dragon, like an orator, has a double-edged tongue. This was a rich woman, and wealth is the coin of learning. Another had the same dream face, and her son became a hierophant (the highest cult official in Eleusis, Demeter and Persephone were at the center of this important cult), because the dragon is sacred, and the Myste is also sacred. In this case, the dreamer was the wife of a priest. A third woman dreamt the same dream face, and her son became an outstanding diviner, for the dragon is sacred to Apollo, the archetype and model of all diviners. This woman was the daughter of a prophet. A fourth had the same face, and her son became a licentious and impudent fellow and seduced many women in the city, for the dragon has crooked ways. But the mother was already a paragon of lust and fornication.A fifth dreamt the same dream face, and her son was seized and beheaded as a highwayman, for the dragon, when caught, is struck on the head and ends up like that. This woman was not without fault either. The son of a sixth, who had the same dream experience, became a fugitive slave,- for the dragon wriggles through the narrowest crevices and tries to escape the gaze of his pursuers. The mother was a slave herself. A seventh woman dreamed the same thing, and her son became paralyzed, for the dragon uses his whole body to move forward, just like the paralyzed. When the woman saw this dream face, she was suffering from an illness. It was to be expected that the child conceived and carried to term during the illness would not move normally. All things that move in the same way have the same meaning when seen in a dream. For example, someone dreamt that he had been bitten on the foot by a dragon. The person suffered an injury from a wheel on the road, exactly on the foot where he had been bitten in the dream, because when a wheel turns, it moves with its whole mass in the same way as the dragon.

Cultural Interpretations


  • The dragon symbolizes a king; snakes, according to their size, indicate either large or small enemies.
  • If someone dreams of a giant snake or dragon in their house, on the field, in the city, or country, a hostile ruler with malicious intentions will appear there.
  • If the dragon sets trees on fire or uproots them, the residents will suffer severe harm corresponding to the burning and uprooting.
  • If someone sees a dragon being chased by lightning and thunder, interpret it as war and the defeat of another ruler who is an enemy to the land – the emperor will rejoice in the dream over the fall and demise of another king.
  • If the emperor dreams that a dragon has appeared to him, he will tremble before another king; if he fearlessly speaks with the dragon, he will miraculously make peace with another well-armed ruler.
  • If someone finds or eats dragon flesh, they will obtain wealth from the exalted emperor, as much as the dragon flesh consumed.
  • If a prince or the emperor dreams of killing a dragon, they will conquer a mighty king in war – a common man will become emperor. Such feats are accomplished only by an emperor.
  • (Lindworm dragons): symbolize an evil mother-in-law.
  • Covered: wait, your time has not yet come.
  • Flying: great danger is imminent.
  • Being pursued by it: you will only narrowly escape danger.
  • Falling: you have escaped danger; now begins good fortune.
  • The dreamer is afraid, likely of a woman.
  • If the dragon is defeated in the dream, the dreamer is expressing their dominance over women.


  • Cold-blooded vitality: overcoming everything to achieve success.
  • A dragon as a mythical creature signifies that one will miraculously attain wealth and prestige.
  • Seeing one as a mythical creature: gaining the favor of high-ranking individuals.
  • Seeing an evil one: brings loss.
  • A man standing opposite: he fears being engulfed by a woman.
  • A man defeating one: the man is expressing his dominance over this woman, learning to control the forces of the unconscious.
  • Being injured by one: a threat from a powerful enemy.
  • Killing one: freeing oneself from a difficult situation, suggesting the need to break free from materialistic and ‘cold-blooded’ attitudes or the dragon within one’s own home.


  • Beware of a danger that surrounds you.

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