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The Dream Meanings of Eagles

January 11, 2024

Medicine Wheel

Keywords: messenger,- flying high,- inspiring,- predator,- strong wings,- sharp eyes,- keep away,- courage,- foreknowledge,- foresight,- wabun, eastern guardian of the spirit. Description: The eagle, which in the medicine wheel is associated with the east and with Wabun, the eastern guardian of the spirit, is a large, powerful predator that flies high and can see far. The eagle has long inspired the imagination of man and won his respect. Eagle feathers were considered a badge of honor in many earth-loving societies and are still held in high esteem today. Native American chiefs usually wore them as headdresses. The eagle has been used as a symbol or emblem by both the Roman Empire and the United States (bald eagle). Coins, so-called “golden eagles”, were also minted in the USA. As the bald eagle was hunted too ruthlessly, it was threatened with extinction for a long time. Now that this bird of prey is protected, it is returning to the ecosystem.General meaning: Your ability to fly high,- your strength,- clear vision,- to see things clearly. Association: An allusion to the Hopi prophecy: “The eagle has landed.” Transcendent meaning: A messenger of the Creator who can guide you,- knowledge of the secrets of the air and the earth. Wolf clan teaching: The East or detached ideas. Huichol teaching: The breath of life. Medicine Eagle’s teaching: soaring,- seeing far,- vision,- enlightenment,- connection with the Great Spirit,- draws the energy of the Great Spirit down to earth.


An eagle in a dream indicates inspiration and strength. From a psychological standpoint, the eagle suggests that the dreamer possesses the ability to use their intellect for success. It represents taking control of one’s life. It may also symbolize the need for advancement, moving away from old notions and attitudes. Perhaps the eagle also hints at the necessity to become more objective and adopt a broader perspective. One must always consider with the eagle whether they are overreaching in their higher aspirations, acting too recklessly, overestimating their own strength, or offending others with pride, taking into account the real-life situation. The eagle, as the lord of the skies, is positively interpreted as detachment from earthly ties, signifying the upliftment of great thoughts and often the consuming passion of the spirit. As a predator, the eagle is capable of exploiting all the opportunities that present themselves. Dreaming of an eagle means that one may wish or be able to emulate it. The eagle generally stands for courage, boldness, pride, dignity, foresight, desire for freedom, and striving for higher things (which is why many states use it as a symbol of power, for example, on the reverse side of coins). Those who see the eagle soaring high in the sky can hope to realize their lofty plans; those who catch the bird of prey want to enjoy success all to themselves. An eagle diving down on its prey highlights the dreamer’s quick thinking and courage, which could turn out to be recklessness in real life. In other words: High risks may lead to great falls. A caged eagle points to the dreamer’s inhibitions towards their environment. Freud saw the eagle, in line with mythology, as a powerful sexual symbol, as the bird of prey cannot control its instincts and desires its prey. S. Freud justifies this because the eagle is a large bird and the word “bird” in vulgar language is another word for penis. However, the sexual significance of the eagle stems from Greek mythology, where it symbolized the procreative power and function of Zeus. Thus, in some cases, the eagle in a dream can indeed represent sexuality, with specifics arising from the context of the dream: If the eagle can barely or not fly, it indicates a limitation of intellectual freedom or that the dreamer neglects their intellectual interests. If the dream content is explicitly sexual, the eagle symbolizes that intellectual interests are overshadowed by a too strong sexual attachment. If a woman dreams of an eagle in this sexual aspect, it may be that her sexual life is unfulfilled, and she desires to be possessed by a strong man.


An eagle represents a form of spiritual victory. (It is the king of the skies!)


The sight of an eagle on a rock, in a tree, or at dizzying heights is a good sign for the adventurous, but a bad omen for those living in fear. If it flies calmly and silently, it brings luck to a man, though the fulfillment of this luck may be delayed. An eagle landing on the dreamer’s head foretells death, as what it grasps in its talons, it kills. Riding on an eagle predicts death for emperors, the wealthy, and the powerful, as per an old tradition where painters and artists depict such individuals riding eagles posthumously to glorify them. For the poor, however, it signifies a blessing; they will receive strong support and substantial help, mostly through travels abroad. A threatening eagle foretells a threat from an influential man, while a tame one that approaches and makes its presence known through its voice signifies good fortune, according to experience. If a woman dreams she gives birth to an eagle, she will have a son who, if poor, will become a soldier and rise to the rank of a commander, as an eagle leads every army. If he belongs to the middle class, he will become an athlete and make a name for himself; if he is rich, he will rule over many or even become an emperor. A dead eagle is advantageous only for a slave or a man who fears someone else, predicting death for both the threatening party and the master; for everyone else, it signifies a halt in business activities. The eagle also represents the current year, as its name, spelled out, denotes nothing other than a year. Since there are different kinds of eagles, various dream fulfillments must be considered. Someone dreamt that an eagle tore out his entrails with its talons, carried them through the city to a crowded theater, and showed them to the audience. The dreamer was childless, and after this dream, a son was born to him who gained name and reputation in the city. In this case, the eagle symbolized the year in which his son would be born, the entrails symbolized the son – as children are often referred to – and taking them to the theater represented the son’s reputation and name.

Cultural Interpretations


  • In general, the eagle symbolizes the emperor. If someone dreams of an eagle doing something good or bad to them, it will come true accordingly.
  • The eagle also generally represents the person of the emperor.
  • If someone dreams that they find or receive an eagle, they will subdue another ruler; a common man will become emperor.
  • If someone provides food and everything necessary for an eagle, they will become powerful and rise in rank in the emperor’s service.
  • If the emperor dreams of eating eagle meat, he will acquire gold like that of ancient kings through consumption.
  • If he finds eagle feathers, he will come across even more precious treasures of ancient kings; a common man will receive rich gifts, joy, and office and dignity from the emperor—because we interpret the feather as an office and dignity.
  • If the emperor hunts with a tame eagle, he will have a son who will rule with a strong hand, and he will rejoice in him. If he has no son, he will certainly beget one.
  • If the emperor dreams that an eagle lifts him up on its back and flies heavenward, he will be elevated in his majesty and live long. A common man will become emperor in any case.
  • To be seized or pierced by an eagle’s claws means punishment and danger from the emperor or the sovereign of the land. If the emperor has this dream, he will be severely pressed by another ruler.
  • If princes or emperors dream that they hold an eagle and another comes to forcibly steal it, they will quarrel among themselves; a common man will suffer oppression and coercion from the sovereign.
  • If the emperor discovers an eagle’s nest and takes the young ones, he will capture the heirs of another ruler; a common man or a poor man will become emperor and rule.
  • If the emperor dreams of raising young eagles in his palace, he will beget sons who will succeed him in rulership.
  • If an unmarried woman or a widow dreams that an eagle flies to her and settles on the roof of her house, she will marry a high-ranking dignitary.
  • Seeing a high-flying eagle: fulfillment of secret desires and beautiful successes, indicating far-reaching plans.
  • Seeing one perched: prospects of wealth.
  • Seeing one flying: advantageous business dealings.
  • Witnessing a capture: feeling inferior to someone.
  • Being attacked or threatened by one: persevere; the hostilities you are enduring will pass, indicating impending danger from obstructing someone else’s plans.
  • Seeing one perched on your head: a death.
  • Shooting or capturing one: sorrow, grief, and loss will ensue.
  • Seeing one in a cage: feeling confined by friends or the environment.
  • Seeing a dead one: misfortune and losses are impending.
  • Eagle’s nest: your position is secure and can develop.
  • Eagle chick: your wealth will increase.


  • A flying eagle represents well-being and a good reputation.
  • If it settles in a very elevated place, great successes can be expected.
  • If one is attacked by an eagle in a dream, it means that they have engaged in a battle against stronger opponents.
  • If you dream of an eagle, you can be satisfied: you manage your strengths wisely, maintain an overview, and proceed accordingly with a well-thought-out plan. The dream symbol also serves as a warning to be cautious.


  • Expression of an unconscious longing for freedom, symbolizing leadership and the ability to motivate others.
  • Seeing one alive: happiness and wealth, profit and benefit, a disease will have a fortunate outcome.
  • Seeing one ascending: good business prospects, an upswing is expected.
  • Seeing one flying in general: beware of sudden misfortune, do not neglect the immediate plans and hopes.
  • Seeing one flying with flapping wings: an enemy is trying to outmaneuver or destroy us.
  • If a man sees one in the air: to attain positions of honor.
  • If a woman sees one circling in the air: she has the prospect of marrying a respected person.
  • A high-flying one: symbolizes far-reaching plans, through courage and perseverance, more freedom can be obtained.
  • An eagle circling at great heights announces a great joyful surprise.
  • Standing: death of a great lord.
  • Seeing one swooping down on prey: you will strike enemies significantly.
  • Seeing one capturing prey: you feel physically inferior to a stronger individual.
  • Seeing one with prey in its beak: you will make good deals.
  • Bringing rich prey: unexpected increase in wealth or a rich marriage is imminent.
  • Being threatened by one: shame and humiliation.
  • Being attacked by one: heralds impending dangers, also, you are obstructing someone else’s plan.
  • Capturing one: defeating an enemy, loss, and grief.
  • In a cage: feeling confined by friends or the environment.
  • Shooting: overpowering an enemy.
  • Killing: annihilating an opponent, do not let anything stop you on your way up.
  • Seeing an eagle sitting on someone’s head: misfortune and death.
  • Seeing an eagle sitting on your own head: indicates a death in the family.
  • Having an eagle sitting on your head: you will not be able to solve the problems on your own.
  • The sight of a dead eagle: indicates the powerlessness of an enemy.
  • Owning eagles: promising luck in business matters, honor, and prestige.
  • Seeing a black one landing nearby: imminent death of a good friend.
  • White one: possible large inheritance.
  • Young eagles in the nest: suggest connections with high circles and hint that you will benefit from their advice. At the right time, you will enjoy a significant inheritance.
  • Seeing an eagle killed by others: a sign that rank and wealth are ruthlessly denied to you.
  • Riding on eagle’s wings: indicates a long journey to largely unexplored lands, seeking wisdom and prosperity, both of which you will later achieve.
  • Eagle feathers: signify that you will achieve your goals.


  • see (arabic.)

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