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The Dream Meanings of Eggs

January 8, 2024


The egg is an ancient symbol of humanity, representing unrealized potential or opportunities that the future may bring. When a dream involves an egg, it’s a sign that the dreamer is not yet fully aware of their natural abilities. It symbolizes life, fertility, rebirth, and the genesis of new, changing entities. In most mythological stories, the world originates from an egg, making the egg itself a metaphor for the world. Easter eggs carry this symbolic character, although this is often forgotten. Like a child in a dream (see there), it heralds a new development, the overcoming of a new task, or the start of a new phase of life. Psychologically oppressive elements will give way to a new attitude towards life. This results in numerous meanings, depending on the accompanying circumstances in the dream and the individual’s life situation. The egg in a dream also represents the dreamer’s amazement at the miracle of life. It signifies the understanding that periods of activity must be followed by times of rest and contemplation to process and properly categorize new impressions. As a dream image, the egg always has a positive meaning. Often in dreams, one finds a whole nest full of eggs, a basket, or a bowl. Such a basket is found by people who have moved from soulful oppression to affirming the possibilities of existence. For them, it signifies a sort of Easter, spring, and a world of brighter days ahead. A man in a dream found a bowl full of snow-white eggs under the bushes on his grandfather’s grave. During this time, an extraordinary talent of the long-deceased grandfather began to manifest more and more in the young man, probably symbolically passing on the old man’s legacy through the eggs. Others suddenly find an egg in their hand, a spontaneous gift of life. Still others pick up eggs from the street as in a forgotten spring custom, signifying that new things can also come from the collective street. The following possibilities should be particularly considered:
  • Seeing, possessing, or holding an egg generally stands for favorable future life prospects and great successes.
  • Buying an egg suggests that one should seize a favorable opportunity through active action.
  • A colorful egg often warns of grief, worries, and illnesses, where the symbolic content of the color must be considered.
  • An egg with a chick inside often promises that the plans one is ‘hatching’ will be successful.
  • Dropping an egg often means that one can expect discord and slander, possibly due to one’s own rude behavior.
  • An egg yolk represents creativity and vitality.
  • A rotten egg warns of a bad reputation, often because one’s own malicious intentions are seen through, which should be abandoned in time.
  • Throwing a rotten egg at others indicates that one is doing someone a grave injustice and will be punished for it; being pelted with rotten eggs means dealing with falsehood and slander from others.
  • Broken eggshells announce that one will suffer damage, often due to one’s own clumsiness. Perhaps a situation or a feeling needs to ‘break through’ to one’s own consciousness to be better dealt with.
  • Egg foam (-snow) can warn against unnecessarily exaggerating things or inflating oneself too much, as this could lead to difficulties.
  • Egg dishes that are boiled or fried indicate joy and success; spoiled egg dishes, on the other hand, warn of domestic strife.
  • Success seems assured and will increase if several eggs become visible in the dream. Those who break or drop them risk losses, perhaps an emotional debacle.
  • Eating the egg shows the dreamer’s desire to absorb certain aspects of novelty, without which they cannot fully explore an unfamiliar way of life. Consuming an egg also suggests an improvement and securing of material livelihood, partly better health, and the readiness for a firm commitment.
  • Fortunately rare is the dream of the black Satan’s egg, from which something terrible and dark will arise.


It is said that the principle of life and the germ of all being are contained in the cosmic egg – therefore the egg represents the potential and the power of man to be perfect.


Eggs bring advantage to doctors, painters and people who trade in eggs – to all other people they mean, in small numbers, material gain, because they are nutritious, in large numbers, worry and sorrow, often also lawsuits, because the chicks hatching from the eggs scratch around everywhere and seek out hidden things. A slave dreamed that he received a boiled egg from his mistress, threw away the shell and ate the egg. His mistress was pregnant and soon gave birth to a baby. She herself died, but the dreamer took the child to himself at the behest of the mistress’s husband and raised it. In this way, the outer shell was disposable and worth nothing, while what was enclosed gave the dreamer the means to support himself.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: Arguments, disputes, and trouble,
  • Finding a nest full of eggs: Indicates financial gain or an inheritance is coming,
  • Taking from the nest: You will marry a widower (widow) with children,
  • Dropping: Gossip, expect losses in the near future,
  • Broken: Annoyance,
  • Buying: Your wealth will increase,
  • Cooking: A hope will be dashed,
  • Eating: Profit in sight, great opportunities in love, a happy engagement,
  • Rotten: Evil things are being plotted against you,
  • Not fresh: Adversities,
  • Laying yourself: You will raise good children.
  • Colored: Harmless fun, indicates a large number of children,
  • Red: Misfortune due to danger, or the death of an acquaintance,
  • Yellow: Prolonged illness, worse if they are green or black,
  • Blue: Injuries.


  • If someone dreams of eating boiled eggs, they will become wealthy through servitude, proportional to the number of eggs consumed, as a hen represents a female servant.
  • Drinking raw eggs will cause him grief and trouble from a female servant.
  • Eggs from a partridge foretell substantial gains from a very beautiful woman, as the partridge symbolizes such a woman; if they are goose eggs, he will benefit from a very wealthy and kind-hearted woman.
  • If it seems to him that he is losing eggs of this or that kind, he will lose his wealth according to the given interpretation.
  • Oftentimes, eggs also symbolize young servants.
  • Raw eggs (in the shell) announce prosperity, even abundance; the more eggs, the richer and more luxurious the life becomes.
  • Eating eggs signifies an improvement in health.
  • Rotten eggs tell us that we have trusted false friends too much. This sign calls for special caution in the near future, especially regarding some people in our surroundings.


  • Seeing or having: Prosperity, positive success planning, domestic harmony, also: impending births,
  • Finding: Announces solid commitments to another person, engagement or marriage for singles,
  • Finding a nest full of eggs: Indicates money coming in, profit, or even an inheritance,
  • Seeing or holding a very large egg: Foretells a very advantageous event,
  • Eating: Health and profit, elimination of food worries, also: domestic harmony may be disturbed soon,
  • Beautiful chocolate egg: You will meet a Don Juan or an elegant lady,
  • Seeing colorful eggs: Indicates a large number of children, also: sorrow,
  • Seeing red eggs: Death or anger of a friend, or danger of fire,
  • Seeing yellow eggs: Foretells an illness,
  • Dropping: Brings discord and gossip, expect losses,
  • Seeing fresh broken eggs: Being richly blessed by fortune, your positive attitude and sense of justice make you very popular,
  • Seeing unpalatable broken eggs: Loss or also quarrels and disputes,
  • Buying: Gaining advantages,
  • Seeing a hen lay one: Promises good news,
  • Opening one and finding a chick inside: Foretells a large gain, especially in the lottery,
  • Seeing chicks hatch: Indicates a happy event in the family that brings improvement to the situation,
  • Taking from a nest: Blessing with children,
  • Rotten: Means gossip, one will come into bad repute, loss of wealth,
  • Throwing rotten eggs at someone: An injustice you committed will backfire,
  • Being pelted with eggs: Signifies a challenge or persecution,
  • Being smeared with eggs: Boasting too much about gains of dubious origin,
  • A basket full of eggs: Closing profitable deals,
  • Making an egg dish: Invitation from an interesting person,
  • Pancakes: Joy, earnings, profit,
  • Spoiled egg dishes: Foretells family disputes,
  • Boiled: Means joy,
  • Seeing bird eggs: Inherit something from distant relatives or make profits with mass products.


  • Eating: You will be honored in some way,
  • Dropping: Be polite to women,
  • Rotten: Beware of speaking about people who have never done anything to you.

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