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The Dream Meanings of Eve

January 22, 2024


Eve, the original mother of mankind and seductress in paradise, stands for the soul and sensuality, and for men also for the ‘female’ part of the psyche. Trivially, the symbol can be understood as a warning against erotic seduction. The interpretation goes deeper if one sees it as an invitation to allow one’s psychological needs (especially feelings) more (this often applies particularly to men). The expansion of consciousness, self-knowledge, willpower and the ability to make decisions are also sometimes evident in Eve.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Someone wants to tempt you into wrongdoing.


  • Seeing her in a dream means that a wish, likely of an erotic nature, will soon be fulfilled. The dreamer should be open-minded and adopt the attitude of wanting to conquer and enjoy life.


  • Seeing Adam with a fig leaf and Eve with the snake around her hips and lower body: Deception and false belief influence their fate,
  • Hearing or seeing Eve talking with the snake: Cunning women will harm your wealth and reputation,
  • A young woman believes she embodies Eve: Temptation by evil, in the form of a young, attractive man, with a price to pay for failing to resist.


  • Seeing the ancestral mother: Worry and sorrow will burden you.

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