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The Dream Meanings of Falcons

January 12, 2024


The dangerous bird is a symbol of vision and freedom through power – but also of an aggressive and passionate opponent who could be targeting the dreamer. Does the falcon in your dream have ‘human traits’? Who does it look like? Watch out! Dreaming of a trained hawk or other trained animal may represent energy being focused for a specific purpose without the need to follow any behavioral rules. The power that is available to the dreamer so that he can successfully master his path must be used in moderation. Such a dream confronts the dreamer with his goals, hopes and wishes. The falcon in the dream could also be an allusion to one’s own powers of observation, but also to the desire to gain a better overview of problems or life in general. The falcon swooping down on its prey describes the unconscious’ call to finally take action in an unresolved matter. If the bird circles undisturbed in the sky, it is talking about the high ideals that should be realized in life.


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Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: good prospects for hunters on the hunt, dangerous friends for others,
  • Seeing sitting on a tree: making the acquaintance of a rich and intelligent woman,
  • Carrying oneself on the arm: honor in the near future,
  • Seeing flying: you will be deceived.


  • If the falcon flies, it promises us overview and success.
  • If it does not fly, a grey and oppressive time awaits us. Moreover, we should take ourselves and our thoughts more seriously and deal more and better with our environment and our life circumstances. Because the way we live at the moment, we sometimes lack an overview.


  • You are surrounded by enemies who are envious; also: finally, one can free oneself from years of constraints,
  • Seeing: one will have hunting luck,
  • A young woman is threatened with slander by a rival.

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